what does it mean to reach your content dream state?

by | Mar 12, 2021

everyone has dreams & visions about what they want their business to look like. when you picture your long-term goals: what does your brand look like? what about your ideal customer? when you look at where your content is now – ask yourself if your content is building the stepping stones to get to your dream state.

your dream state is ever-changing. it can change based on inside forces – like rebranding or product developments that change your purpose and offer to the consumer. it can also change based on outside forces – like going through a pandemic. 

the point of chasing your dream state is to continually evolve your brand and your content at the same pace your dream customer evolves.

think about is this way:

when your business was first starting out – what was your ideal customer? most likely it was anyone with a pulse and a paycheck. you created content basics in order to get your product listed on your website and maybe another selling platform like Amazon. you checked that product-on-white box and waited for the first handful of sales to come in. 

now it’s been months since your first sale. maybe even a year. your brand has evolved and you’ve found your rhythm of what you want your brand style and personality to be. does your content reflect that? maybe your ideal customer has changed. you’ve had to adapt to the times and you’ve realized you can offer something a little different that makes a big impact for you and your customers. does your content do the heavy lifting to attract that ideal customer? 

if you answered no to either of those questions then it’s time for new content so you can continue on your content journey.

it’s time to add in colorful backdrops. angles. & try out GIFs.

maybe your business has been around for a few years. it’s gaining momentum but you’re ready to push it to the next level. you love your colorful backdrops and you know all about how angles can make or break a sale. but you want to explore content that makes your ideal customer think where has this been all my life?!

at this point: maybe an image-only approach isn’t helping you scale up like you want. that’s where product-in-use videos. lifestyle photos. & seasonal content come in. 

all three of those content types have a single common goal: show the customer why they need this product NOW and how it will fit into their lifestyle. 

these content styles go beyond a flat lay or product-only shots. they show your product in action. they give the shopper the fully painted picture of what life is like with your product. they make them feel like they need it in a timely manner.

once you have these foundational stepping stones you can get to the really fun part: experimenting! 

look at your content in a holistic way. are you telling a cohesive story across your website. emails. social media. etc? think about unique ways you could tell your brand or product story.

a great example is one of soona’s clients: Dipwell. 

Dipwell creates dip manicure kits that make maintaining beautiful nails easy & brings the nail salon to your home. recently: Dipwell experimented with their content by adding a pet to a photoshoot. obviously Dipwell is not a pet-first company. but they got creative and thought about how they could show off their product by using a furry friend to help demo their product. 

at this stage: you’re thinking about how you can create eye-catching content to capture even more of your target audience. you’ve established your brand enough that people are familiar with you and your style. that makes it easier to continue your brand & product storytelling while also testing trends & experimenting with things like video. 

the tl;dr of what your content dream state is: as you expand your net for customers – your content should expand too.

not sure about the next steps in your journey to a content dream state? we can help you!

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