why you should add nature to your content

by | Apr 5, 2021

I’ve really been feeling the gorgeous weather recently. I find every excuse to go outside—to hear the birds + smell the fresh air + feel the sun. and I know I’m not alone. 

humans we were made to spend time outside. the vitamin D + endorphins + increased oxygen we get by spending time in nature can improve brain function &  boost our mood. it’s no wonder that artists and photographers focus so much of their work on landscapes & plants. our minds are hard-wired to recognize those natural elements and to feel a deep connection to them.

the same principle applies—you guessed it—to product photos. 

at soona: we’ve recently been focusing on natural components that remind our clients’ customers of spring. like artfully-placed leaves / a sandy beach in the background / or a splash of water. it’s so refreshing. even rays of sunshine & rainbows are making appearances! 

these elements are designed with psychology in mind. when a customer contextualizes a product with nature: they’re immediately called into their senses. our senses of smell / touch / and visual space are a potent combination when mixed with imagination. and these visual cues can be the brain’s wake-up call in a society where so much of our time is spent inside.

fitness and outdoor brands deploy this strategy all the time. but there’s potential for product companies well beyond the category. are you one of those brands? 

there’s a chance the first thing you’ll want to do is put up a massive landscape painting in your home after having read this. I say: go for it. but after you redecorate: think about how you can use nature in your brand’s content. give your customers a natural treat for the senses—you won’t be disappointed by the results.

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