up your content game: add consistency

by | Mar 11, 2020

content needs have changed. we need more photo and video to fill the channels your customers are on. every touchpoint of their journey – from scrolling SKUs to double-tapping your Instagram – should feel consistent.

add visual consistency to help your customers recognize and make connections with your brand.

here’s a place to start: create a mood board of images that captures the feeling of your brand. and don’t include images from your competitors! what commonalities do you see? take things that bubble to the surface and consider how to incorporate them in your content.

consistency comes from creating guides. not guardrails. so where do you begin?

color consistency is the simplest way for customers to make a visual connection with your brand.

you don’t have to stick to a strict color palette. try adding a pop of color to each of your photos through backdrops, props, clothing or through your product itself.

🔥tip 🔥: collect a number of props in your brand’s color. bring it (or ship it!) to soona for your next shoot to give yourself and your crew some diverse, but consistent props to work with.

color tone is technically when grey is added to a color. it literally tones down the intensity of a color. sticking to certain tones creates consistencies through your content.

lighting style is another consistency lever you can pull. even when shooting products on white, visual inconsistencies with lighting and shadows can be confusing to your customers.

make a connection between your ecomm and social content with lighting. choose a style and stick to it! from an airy, soft lighting to modern harsh shadows, shoot your product photos and social content using the same style to create consistency.

show your soona crew examples of lighting you love and we’ll bring it to life through photos and videos. we can try different styles until you’re loving it!

go with your gut. sometimes lighting and color don’t feel right. stick to your vision and create the content you (and your customers will love).

👇our crew is ready to help you create some amazing consistent content 👇