5 Ways To Use Two-Toned Backdrops

by | Sep 9, 2020

if you know anything about soona then you know we. love. color. the more color the better! it’s no surprise we are big fans of two-toned backdrops. picking two colors to compliment your product is a great & subtle way to not only make your product POP but make your content more unique and interesting.

here are 5 great ways to utilize a two-toned backdrop for your next soona shoot!

colorful platform + colorful backdrop

our favorite way to use two-toned backdrops is by using one color as the base or platform of the shot and another color as the backdrop behind your product. this gives your shot a clean but bold vibe that puts your product font and center. just where we like it!

colorful block + colorful backdrop

think outside the block. you can really give your content a life by adding a colorful block that compliments a colorful backdrop. we can try contrasting colors or a classy monochromatic scene that matches your product.

colorful design + subtle backdrop

love the two-toned look but want something a little more subtle? try adding colorful lines & designs! not only are you getting the two-toned effect to help bring your product to life but you can also add in an interest pattern to really make your content stand out from the crowd.



why stop at two colors when you can have three?! adding a third color may not work for every product but if you’re looking for something to really get your customer’s attention the tri-toned look is always bold and beautiful. your soona crew can help recommend a color combo that makes your product radiate.


layers of color + prop

a second color in your backdrop doesn’t have to take the place of an awesome prop. we encourage you to send along props for the crew to work with so we can capture interesting options for you. 

want more inspiration for using two-toned backdrops for your next shoot? check out our Pinterest board here

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