3 ways to make your first soona shoot a success

by | Apr 8, 2021

we want your soona shoot to be everything you’ve hoped for and making that happen is easy. here’s the soona recipe for success.


get inspired & share with the soona crew

the key to making the most of your shoot is sharing your needs in your shot list: a combo of what you’re inspired by and what soona can do for you. 

start by simply collecting your inspo. that stellar product shot you saw on Pinterest? save it & attach it to your shot list in soona for us to reference.

and don’t be worried you haven’t put enough ideas the your booking details & shot list. we just want to make sure you get some key shots you started dreaming of when you first saw what soona can do for you. 

✅ find inspo + share it.

so let’s get into the shoot. 


direct your shoot & give feedback

your shoot will start with a kickoff call with the crew. this is your opportunity to direct the photoshoot of your dreams. think up new ideas on set? let us hear them in the chat or as a comment on the photo! tell us how you really feel. our goal is to get you a gallery of a TON of options. feedback is a key part of directing your shoot and helps the crew get a better idea of how we can help deliver content you absolutely love.

here are some examples of valuable feedback:

  • we love this lighting and shadow but want to try a different backdrop color! 
  • can we try some options with and without props?
  • I like the angle from the previous backdrop. can we try that same angle with the other products too?

speaking of feedback: our favorite feedback comes in the shape of a ❤️. heart your faves as they come up during your shoot. this will help you save for later and have a clearer view of the standout shots while you shop your shoot. find them in your favorites album in your dashboard.

✅ your real-time feedback is key.


finalize your faves & shop your shoot 

now you get to order your favorites. there are so many good ones and you only buy what you love. come back and reshop this same shoot.  

now you get to order the ones you love and save your favorites for later! use the ❤️ and albums feature to organize your content so it’s easy-peasy when you come back. the content captured at your shoot will be there FOR. EV. ER. for you to shop. get edits in 24 hours after you order.

✅ shop the ones you love. ❤️ to save for later.



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