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non-furniture assembly

$79 per product

why you'll love this service:
use this service to assemble your product before your shoot to get it camera ready! use this for items that may require materials such as tape, glue, scissors, staples, push pins, hooks, command strips etc. for assembly.

how it works:

  1. book a shoot and ship us your product
  2. our team will contact you if your product needs assembly
  3. our pros will assemble your product before your shoot
  4. attend your shoot (physically or virtually) and see your gallery of photos fill up live!
  5. after your shoot is complete, we will disassemble and ship back or discard (up to your discretion)

we spend up to one hour assembling and disassembling your product. if your product requires additional time we'll add multiple non-furniture assembly charges as needed.

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non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly

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