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non-furniture assembly

price: $59 (2 ITEMS) + $9/ADDITIONAL ITEM

crafts. devices. art. you name it and our pros will use your provided instructions to assemble your non-furniture products before your shoot. 

how it works
  1. build a custom shoot
  2. create your shot list
  3. we’ll contact you to let you know your product needs assembly
  4. we’ll assemble your product before your shoot
  5. shoot day! collaborate with our team + watch your photos filter into your gallery live
  6. we’ll disassemble you product then return. store. or discard your product
what's included

what’s included:

  • one pro to assemble and disassemble
  • 30 minutes for assembly and 30 minutes for disassembly 
  • assembly tools and materials
  • moving and handling of your product during the shoot

what's NOT included:

  • styling of your product (requires styling)
  • assembling puzzles (must be sent pre-assembled)
required for
  • non-furniture products that arrive in pieces

non-furniture assembly pricing is based on the number of items

up to 1 hour
up to 2 hours
per model
photo & video shoot
per hour
photo & video shoot
set rate
photo & video shoot
photo & video shoot
mani + pedi
photo & video shoot
+ cost of goods
photo & video shoot
incl. 2 items
+$9 per additional items
more info!

non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly
non-furniture assembly


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non-furniture assembly faqs

still have questions? here are the ones we answer all the time.

what is non-furniture assembly?

non-furniture assembly is the service we require when your non-furniture product ships in multiple pieces and needs to be put together to a complete stage so it's shoot ready.

how do I share assembly instructions?

please share your product assembly instructions via email or ship them with your product. 

what non-furniture products do you assemble?

non-furniture products are smaller products that may require materials such as:

  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paint & brushes 
  • needles & thread
  • staples
  • push pins
  • hooks
  • wires
  • command strips
  • nails & hammer 
  • yarns & strings 
  • dyes & fabric coloring 

non-furniture includes

  • hanging pieces & wall decor (picture frames + wall art)
  • tech devices
  • arts and crafts
  • inflatable products (paddle boards)
  • tents
  • toys

how much time do you spend assembling?

our crew will spend up to 30 minutes for assembly before the shoot and up to 30 minutes of disassembly after the shoot. If your products require more than one hour for assembly and disassembly you may be required to add multiple non-furntiture assembly add-ons.

is styling included with non-furniture assembly?

an additional styling service is required to have your product styled in a lifestyle scene or with props during your shoot.

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