soona is closed 12/2 and 12/3. check out or request re-edits Wednesday, 12/1 by 5pm CST to receive your order in 24 hours. orders placed after will be delivered by EOD 12/6.

pro services

our pro services are a one-time fee when you book. your participation is important and required for shoots with pro services so you get exactly what you want!

hand model $99+

one pair of hands to highlight your product

pet model $99+

cats + dogs

full body model $229+

 a friendly face for your brand

hair and makeup $229+

if your model needs a professional touch

styling $229+

recommended for all apparel + food shoots 

grocery shopping $99+

fresh ingredients + flowers

producer $999

unlock a dedicated point of contact throughout your shoot

studio buyout $690+

high-quality audio during your shoot

ghost mannequin $229+

your products can float


am I required to join my shoot?

participation is required for shoots with pro services so you can provide feedback and get EXACTLY what you want! 

keep an eye out for an email with your scheduled shoot time. if you cannot make that shoot time: please respond to the email ASAP and we’ll reschedule your shoot at a time that works for you. 

we will stop your shoot if you are not logged into your dashboard at your shoot time. all down payments are nonrefundable and soona does not offer reshoots. 

what if I don’t like my full body model. hand model. or pet model?

we strive to keep our model images up to date so you know exactly what to expect! if you are not happy with your model: you can create another booking with a different model! please note that pro services are non-refundable.

does styling include props?

here are the standard props we offer! for anything outside this list you can ship to our studio or add the grocery shopping pro service.

what if I want to show more than just hands during the shoot?

the hand model pro service is just for hands. please choose a full body model instead if you’d like to show a full body or face.

if I choose grocery shopping: can soona just pick out things for my shoot?

we want to get exactly what you want! we’ll send a form for you to fill out. need some ideas? check out our inspo page to see what’s possible at soona!