you got questions. we got answers.

is soona open right now?

soona is open! you have the choice to come to our Denver and Minneapolis studios or join your virtual shoot from home.

wherever you are, order your content here to get started!

how does soona work?

soona provides professional photo and video creation with a 24 hour turnaround. here’s how it works:

  • order your photo & video on our site.
  • ship us your products & props.
  • join us in-studio or virtually from anywhere! your photos and video clips will appear live in your dashboard in real time. chat with your soona crew & give live feedback.
  • shop your content and only buy what you like.
  • get edited assets in 24 hours.

it’s like that, y’all.

how does pricing work?

our pricing is totally a la carte! photos are $39 each. video clips are $93 each. you only buy what you love! shop your content in real time or come back and buy more later.

how do I get started?

simply order your photo & video here! from there you can fill out your shot list and learn where to ship your products.

how does shipping work?

your first label with soona is FREE! after you create your booking, head to our shipping section to print your first label free.

pack your products cozy and snug in a 12×12 USPS flat rate box up to 70 lbs. send it to us with love and bask in the glow of free shipping (it’s a thing).

send us a return label and we’ll ship it right back to you after the shoot! want to shoot more? amazing! create another booking with us.

what if I need a model or a hand model?

you can bring or coordinate your own talent or we can provide a soona crew member to model for you!

if you need a hand in your photos or videos, it’s $49 per 1-hour photoshoot. If you’d like to show a full body or face, it’s $99 per 1-hour shoot. most soona shoots are 1-hour long.

who creates the ideas and concepts?

we can provide a range of inspiration content to get your ideas started. if you know what you want – that’s great! you can build the shot list with our shot list tool.

if you need help – we offer a free content consult for every customer on the first visit. 

what kind of props do you have?

our prop wall has home decor, plants, wooden llamas and a unique assortment depending on the day. we change things up regularly! your studio manager can send you photos of what we’re working with that season.

if you have a specific request – we ask that you supply that prop. services like Prime are best and fast.

what's the bulk discount?

we keep our photos and videos affordable from the get-go so its accessible for all. give us a shout at hey@soona.co for specific requests.

our Content Club members get a free photo, GIF or video clip every month! learn more about Content Club here.

how long will you store my products?

we store products that have an upcoming booking scheduled! if you’ve created the photos and videos you need: you can provide us with a return label and we’ll get your products right back to you. if you’d like us to donate your products, just let us know! 

for our Content Club members we store products at no cost! learn more about Content Club here.

how do I cancel or reschedule?

we can reschedule your shoot up to 24 hours before your booking. call or email your studio manager and we’ll take care of it. our booking deposit is non-refundable if you fail to show up to a booking.

contact info

(303) 748-7743

soona Denver
(303) 748-7743

soona Minneapolis
(612) 443-1750