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10 killer examples of ecommerce product videos that drive conversion

by | Jul 20, 2021

the world of product videos follows a whole different set of rules from product photography. the video medium is taking off quickly — with Instagram recently announcing that it’s no longer a “photo-sharing app” and pushing hard for Reels to compete with video giant TikTok — it’s time for you to step up your product video game to stay with the times!  there are tons of brands out there coming up with creative ways to stay engaged on the ever-changing social media sites we love to scroll on.  we’ll break down the brands we think are standing out and explain why — so take notes!

ecommerce product video best practices

get to the point

while consumers often do prefer to watch videos — you still should be mindful of attention span.  when consumers are scrolling online there are thousands of things trying to catch their attention.  when your video starts: it should be immediately eye-catching and convey its purpose quickly.  the best way to ensure this happens is to draft out the shots you’re going to make — your vision for the video — and trim it down as needed in the editing process.  don’t waste precious seconds not explaining your product.  have friends or colleagues review the video footage and give their honest opinions about its length and engagement.  you can really afford to take your time making sure the editing of the video is done well — the biggest hurdle you have as a brand is stopping the scroll.  what can you do or say in your video to make potential customers stop. listen. and maybe even convert?

be solution-oriented

consumers want to see a product video that solves a problem in their lives.  this is how all marketing goes, right?  your video has the responsibility of showing them how your brand can fill that gap.  by the end of the video — you want them to crave your product.  even if it doesn’t lead to an immediate purchase — you want your solution to be so great that they think of where it’s missing in their lives.  this is a major driver of conversion!

light it up

lighting in the video world doesn’t follow the same rules as the photo world.  for video: you’ll need to ensure you use continuous lighting.  this might be a new investment for you if you’re DIY-ing your video shoot.  there are options to rent. buy. or hire a studio (like soona) to make sure you’ve got all the right equipment.  if you’re renting or buying: LED lights are strongly preferred as fluorescents can make the video look like it flickers.  for outdoor video shoots — we cover some of the basics in our blog on lifestyle photography.

utilize your happy customers

there’s something to be said about how consumers trust brands differently when they see real people using and reviewing them vs. the company itself promoting them.  while you’ll need promotional videos of your own (to follow your design vision for your brand) you can also lean into unboxing and customer testimonial style videos!

let us give you a hand

content that claps for your brand

the stats on ecomm product videos

product videos are a proven way to boost conversion. visitors who watch a product video are 73% more likely to make a purchase than shoppers who did not see the video.  this means it’s important not only to produce an awesome product video — but to also ensure that it’s enjoyable and engaging. accessible. and placed in a location where most customers will see it.  71% of consumers prefer video content over other forms.  

now that you know how important video is in marketing — you’ve got the task of creating an awesome product video.  you’ll need to make a video that captures all of your target audiences.  (ps: that includes using captions and clear sound for those who are hearing or visually impaired!)

best ecommerce product videos to inspire you

product demo videos

1) Patagonia

let’s start with the simplest product video.  this video for Patagonia’s Men’s PowSlayer Bibs is a lean and short demonstration of the item.  it features a model wearing the PowSlayer Bib — unzipping various pockets. showing the features on the front and back. and showing close-ups of the fabric.  it’s a super simple and clean video on a stark white background.  the voice narrating is clear and concise.  this type of video serves a great purpose for utilitarian products with technical features.  Patagonia’s video shows us that you don’t need frills to create a product video that can skyrocket conversion.

2) Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles sells exercise equipment — for the trendy and aesthetic athlete.  their YouTube channel is a treasure trove of workout videos that serve a double purpose of promoting their product: genius!  but there’s one short and sweet product video that really stands out.  this video is a mix between lifestyle photography and a demonstration video.  it blends Bala’s signature playful and fashion-oriented brand identity with those intense and sweaty ads we’re used to seeing from top athletic wear brands.  paired with some creative angles and retro filters — this video encapsulates what Bala’s brand is all about.  take a tip from them: use your product video to also speak to your brand identity!

3) Youth to the People

Youth to the People is a skincare brand that often uses TikToks by their customers on their social media pages.  this is a creative way to market as consumers will often feel a stronger sense of trust in a brand if they see someone else doing a review.  of course — paying creators to do these demos for you would also mean having the budget for it.  micro and macro influencers will all have different rates.  but this demo style of product video is quickly becoming mainstream even with well-established brands.

comparison video examples

4) Norton RapidStrip

if you sell a product which directly competes in performance with others like it on the market — why not try a comparison video?  if you’ve got confidence that your product can blow your consumers away — it might be worth making a demonstration video for both your product and a competitor’s.  that way you can edit both side-by-side to show the difference.  in this example: Norton RapidStrip demonstrates in an undeniable way that their product works more effectively.  this is a very clear and direct way to win over customers and boost conversion.  just remember: if you’re going to go this route — your customers will be looking for honesty.  not tricks or illusions!

lifestyle video examples

5) Beach’N Boat Wrench

this product video for Beach’N Boat Wrench is a great example of  lifestyle video.  it does use a demonstration style — but it goes further than that.  they use a model/actor to show a problem that you may very well encounter with your boat.  and they solve it with their product.  all in a one minute video.  what makes this more of a lifestyle video than a demo is that it is set outdoors in a real-life situation (in this case: on a boat ramp).  

6) What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is a board game.  their landing page on their website utilizes a banner video of people playing the game.  the ambience of a cozy living room. good friends. laughter. and a fun game make this a perfect example of a lifestyle video.  you see — it doesn’t necessarily explain the game or show all of the parts of it.  instead the video creates a feeling around the product.  this type of video can be just as effective as a demo when done right!  creating desire around your product through video makes customers want to add it to their cart.

7) GoPro

when it comes to lifestyle videos — it’s hard to think of a brand that embraces this more than GoPro.  their YouTube channel is full of the GoPro footage of athletes and adventurers all over the world!  what better way to fully place your product in a lifestyle shoot than to show it in use doing just about anything you could imagine?  GoPro certainly gives away a lot of free products in order to achieve this — so if you’re going this route: you’ll want to crunch the numbers and make sure it is the right choice for you financially.  but for GoPro it has almost certainly paid off.  consumers not only get inspired by watching the videos — but they also stay engaged with the channel which is helpful for YouTube’s algorithm.  more views = more sales!  what other brand can you think of whose product videos people choose to watch FOR FUN?

stop-motion product videos 

8) Mason Tiet

Mason Tiet (may-zon tight) is a clothing brand with a twist.  their website hasn’t launched yet — and they’re using their landing page to create buzz around their brand until it’s ready.  using a visually engaging stop motion that represents the brand’s identity and explains its purpose is a brilliant way to get future customers excited about your launch.

9) Sephora

make-up product videos are a really excellent opportunity for stop-motion.  that’s because you need lots of swatches. various colors. various angles.  in order to get the full effect of a range of products.  in this Sephora stop-motion for Sugar cosmetics they use bright and consistent lighting with each frame featuring a new smear of lip color.  the end result is a visually-interesting but fresh stop-motion that takes only a few seconds to watch.  these types of stop-motions also do really well on IG posts or stories as they’re easy to digest and not time-consuming for the viewer.

10) Article

Article’s Instagram page features quite a few clever stop-motions.  they work so well for this furniture brand because not many consumers want to watch a video of people bringing furniture into a room and setting it down.  instead — it’s more engaging to watch a stop-motion as the furniture suddenly appears frame-by-frame and comes together to complete the look of the room.  in this case — the outdoor furniture comes together to build a whole vibe that makes you want to sit on the cozy seats amongst the slivers of shade from the palm trees nearby.  you can use a stop-motion to create an entire idea of your product — and to promote other products you might offer in the process!

✨ pro-tip: stop-motions will often be in GIF format.  we’ve got some advice for how to utilize GIFs in your content strategy.

let soona create product videos that enhance your ecommerce shop 

now you’re ready and inspired to make some killer product videos for your brand!  if you’re going with DIY — soona has some awesome tips for lighting. props. creating movement. and tons more.  and if you’re ready for high-quality and professional video for your brand — book a shoot with us!  we’ll work with you to make your content dreams a reality.

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