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an ode to short-form video

by | Feb 12, 2021

for over three years: I was a freelance video editor. I worked on videos of every length—from hour-long television segments to thirty-second ads.

when you’re cutting for TV: your whole job is getting to the right time code. editors manipulate story. content. pacing. and emotional resonance based on the assigned run time.

as an editor: I spent SO much time cutting and rearranging clips. and while not much has changed in the world of editing for TV: something huge IS happening in the world of online content creation. 

that shift is only a matter of seconds long… and it’s SHORT-FORM VIDEO. it’s taking over the internet. one single-clip shot at a time.

TikTok is the leader of this revolution. videos on the app last anywhere from fifteen to sixty seconds—usually with a single shot that has some kind of effect integrated. filters and graphics add value and story. and sometimes even captions. these videos say a lot without lasting too long.

there’s chatter that our generation is losing the ability to focus for extended periods of time. I don’t buy it. for me: the single-clip trend is just the latest innovation—another way we’ve found to trick our brains into sitting up and paying attention. and ecomm stores should take total advantage of it.

in the world of professional production. single clips are seriously underrated. as tradition dictates: the professional sphere just hasn’t caught onto the trend yet. 

at soona: we specialize in offering dynamic single-clip shots available to our clients. our aim is simple: fast and affordable video that converts to action. our simplest video offering is an overwhelming success—because these moving shots increase the number of eyeballs on ads. increased attention on ads make it easier to convert. 

it works because it’s easy to handle on mobile. these single clips make for compelling loops. when the mind doesn’t have to remember much: the one thing that counts sticks. single clip videos increase the likelihood of a product making it into a customer’s cart.

our conclusion? ecomm stores would do well to take FULL advantage of the short-form video. Aa soona,:we’re definitely going to keep driving the bandwagon.

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