up your content game: add movement

by | Feb 27, 2020

video allows us to capture an audience. but what matters is holding their attention. we love trying new ways to get your content to stand out and make a customer look twice.

try these three ways to add movement to your content to get more đź‘€on your product:


your content is missing some magic. we’re here to help. we can make your product magically appear or disappear, spin, stack or turn into something else in video or GIFs. during each shoot we keep an eye out for these moments. if it looks magical to us. it looks magical to your customers.

try taking your idea one step further by incorporating an eye-catching magical moment. create an optical illusion. make something magically stack. slightly move certain objects to create movement.


adding movement to your content allows customers to see your brand’s character. video content is an extension of your brand. so show your brand’s personality through motion. even for the simplest ecomm or product videos. consider ways to inject your brand character into it.

try using props or colors that show your brand character. add movement to them to catch your customers’ eyes.


we want to see products in action. even the simplest demo educates your customer bringing them one step closer to purchase. when they understand it. they trust it. show your product from every angle with a 360-degree spin. show wide shots and detail shots. recreate your unboxing experience. share exactly how your product works with a quick demo. more and more customers want to take deep dives on their purchases. if the content is there, they’ll watch it.

try creating a piece of content for your most frequently asked question. it can be a simple demo, feature highlight or answer about your process.

we love trying different ways to add magic motion to your content. it’s a simple way to catch your customer’s eye.

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