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$39 / photo

with soona it's easy to create scroll-stopping product photos that fit any budget.

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$93 / video clip

we'll capture all the angles during your shoot and you only buy what you love.

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product photography pricing

we believe that quality product photography shouldn’t break the bank. that’s why we offer product photography pricing starting at $39/photo - a fraction of the cost of what traditional creative production would cost.

soona vs. DIY options

if you're looking for a smart and cost-effective option for product photography: soona is the way to go. with an average spend of just $750 and a turnaround time of 24 hours– soona offers a variety of pricing options that include everything you need for high-quality photos and videos. you'll get a professional photographer and editor. as well as access to models. stylists. and a fully-equipped studio with all the necessary gear. props. and backdrops. in contrast– the DIY option can be much more time-consuming and expensive.

the DIY option has an average spend of $2k and a turnaround time of 2 weeks. you'll need to find your own talent. gear. props. and spend hours trying to edit the photos yourself. the final result may not be up to par with professional standards and you may end up with poor quality photos & videos. so if you're looking for a hassle-free and high-quality option for product photography– explore all that soona has to offer.

soona vs. agency pricing

the agency option can be very expensive and time-consuming. working with an agency can cost an average spend of $20k and a turnaround time of 4 months. you'll need to find your own talent including a photographer. models. hair and makeup artist. stylist. and editor. other costs include a studio rental and all the necessary gear and props. the final result may only be a single video or a dozen photos— which may not be enough to fully showcase your products. so if you're looking for a hassle-free and comprehensive option for product photography soona is the way to go.

soona vs. friend of a friend pricing

if you're considering product photography through a friend of a friend… think twice. this option can be the difficult and unreliable way to go— with an average spend of $5k and a turnaround time of 2 months. you'll need to find your own model and studio rental. there may be unknowns when it comes to reliability and communication. the timeline can stretch out to several months and the final result may not be up to the standards needed for where you sell.

soona vs. local freelance product photographer

hiring a local professional photographer can cost anywhere from $75 to $250 per hour— and that doesn't include any additional fees for studio rentals. gear rentals. editing. models. or other extras. in contrast, soona offers affordable high-quality product photography. with studios located in several cities across the US (and the ability to join a virtual shoot from anywhere in the world) soona provides fast turnaround times and a variety of backgrounds. props. and lifestyle scenes all included in the price.

soona 🤝 product photography in new york

we are a product photography and video production studio that specializes in creating high-quality content for ecommerce businesses. we make it easy for businesses to join their photo or video shoots from anywhere in the world, including new york.


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