what to expect on a soona virtual shoot

by | Mar 24, 2021

at soona you can join your shoots from your desk. wherever your desk may be 🏡. after you book: ship your products & props for free. 📦 when we receive your product we’ll schedule your shoot within a few days!

at the time of your booking: join your live shoot from your soona dashboard! we’ll start with a kickoff call with the crew to chat through your goals and the plan. from there we’ll move through your shot list and you’ll see your ideas come to life in real. time.

chat with the crew to give your feedback and tell us what you love by favoriting with the ❤️! shop and add the photos or video clips you love to your bag. $39 per photo. $93 per video clip. editing add-ons are available at checkout!

still wondering how we make a virtual shoot come to life on your screen? watch how we do it  ⬇️

our customers love us out loud. 🥰 check out our #clientcrush Jamie’s IG story about her virtual soona shoot.

explore our inspo page to see what’s possible! create your booking to get started. we can’t WAIT to collab.

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