soona’s CEO makes the Forbes 2021 Next 1,000 List

by | Feb 17, 2021

it’s truly no surprise to us here at soona that our CEO – Liz Giorgi – would find her way onto Forbes’ 2021 Next 1,000 List. we are so thrilled to celebrate her and this wonderful recognition of her and Hayley’s (our co-founder and CCO) vision!

the list was curated by brilliant leaders in the world of business include A-Rod and Sheryl Sandberg. the initial 250 leaders who were selected and announced this week represent the future of business in America. and we totally agree!

we stick to our core value of providing businesses of all sizes with accessibility to affordable content. seeing our clients succeed means we are succeeding. this mindset and boldness is a product of trickle down vibenomics (yes – we totally just made that word up). as CEO: Liz sets the tone. her vibe and demeanor seeps down through the rest of the leadership team down to the rest of the company and out to our clients. it is because of her and Hayley’s fearlessness that soona employees feel empowered to be bold and fearless in their own right. and we see this translate into the work we produce for our clients. how clients feel embolden to take risks themselves. and how we forge ahead to break more barriers and boundaries to achieve our core mission. 

Forbes describes their Next 1,000 List as a collection of “upstart entrepreneurs redefining the American dream.” so of course the co-founder and CEO of a company committed to helping other companies achieve their American dream should make this list. Liz’s very existence as a female founder redefines what it means to achieve the American dream.

Liz is a two-time founder. an Emmy winner. she has bootstrapped her way to many millions. and created the candor clause to tamp down BS in venture. she even testified to Congress about it. in short: she’s an all around badass and the kind of female leader the world needs right now.

this is the second time our co-founding team has found themselves on a prestigious Forbes list. Hayley was a member of the 30 under 30 Forbes list in 2020. 

we know Liz deserves a solid foothold in the Next 1,000 List and we’re thrilled that some of the top entrepreneurial business minds in the world agree. and so we salute. congratulate. and celebrate our CEO – aka our cheerlead every opportunity officer. 

congratulations Liz! 🎉

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