soona Anytime Now Features Real Time Chat!

by | Nov 6, 2019

At soona, we are all about making professional production more accessible, affordable and fun! And part of having fun is all about collaboration. #collabfab And nothing makes it easier to collab than to be able to chat with the people you are working with all the time.

With soona anytime, customers can send us their product and get photos and video clips for less than the price of stock and everything is always delivered in 24 hours. But now, it’s totally powered with real-time chat. So you, as our customer, can chat with our crew in real time while you shop your content.

Real time chat allows you to chat with one crew member or multiple. One of the best parts of real time chat is being able to give feedback on each and every shot. Here’s how it works:

When a shot comes in – you can chat with your crew and say: “LOVE THAT. But let’s add more blue props!”

Or if you just want to give general feedback, you can chat about anything at all. “I know I said let’s shoot in the kitchen, but let’s do green screen instead!”

Perhaps your shoot is going awesome and you just want to send them a 💖 emoji. You can do that too! 💖💖💖

soona’s new chat function is powered by CometChat. They were part of our Techstars Boulder 2019 class and we are proud to be able to collaborate with them directly to launch this awesome function in our product.