introducing soona anytime: the future of content creation

by | Aug 27, 2019

the future of content creation is here. it’s the power of professional video. the addicting like-ability of trendy photography. the click to cart conversion of quality content. it’s soona anytime. and it’s bringing product brands the power of beautiful media for less than the price of stock.

it’s more clear than ever: the brands that break through have a content game that connects with consumers on a visceral level. to compete, brands need content. but creating content at scale has been virtually insurmountable.

since launching in april 2019, soona studios has been providing a fast casual content playground for these brands to develop incredible, affordable stop motion videos, gifs, social content, testimonials, e-commerce images and more inside of our retail locations in minneapolis and denver. we love collaborating in our studios. but it’s time to do better. it’s time to do more.

today, that playground becomes a digital ecosystem accessible by any product company in the united states.

soona anytime is simple. and it’s only four steps.

  1. book your session. pay for your first photo and video. only $39 for photos. $93 for videos.
  2. ship your product. we’ll tell you which studio when you complete your booking.
  3. shop your content. either login for your soona sesh in real time or shop your content at your convenience from your account.
  4. download your content. once you’ve paid for your content, we will edit and deliver in 24 hours.

soona anytime is another major step towards our vision of being your true content creation partner at all stages of your brand’s growth. whether you are launching a new product, planning your social content or working on a new ad campaign, we are here to scale your content in a way that meets your budget needs. together, we are bringing forward the best in content creation, trend-setting crews, technology, e-commerce and high-end gear.

you can try the soona anytime experience now by booking your first session here.