your shoots just got easier 👏 introducing…

by | Feb 7, 2020

shotbuilder: your content’s new best friend

at soona, we’re here to create fast casual content, so we created a fast casual shot building experience for you.  we’re excited to announce the launch of our new shotlist builder – a new way to order your content (that doesn’t involve spreadsheets 👏). you build the shot, then we make it happen.

in your soona dashboard, you’ll see a new tab called, “shotlist” where you can tell us exactly what you’d like to create.



check out this example 👇 you tell us the deets…



and, vwa-lah! we create it:


as always, your soona crew is always here to improvise in-person or over chat during your shoot!

we’re pretty sure you will love how easy it is.

so easy that we encourage you to go book a shoot and try it out! 👇