client crush Q&A’s – how we helped three clients become finalists in the MNcup!!!

by | Sep 10, 2019

we thrive seeing our clients S H I N E. we are constantly proud of our clients experimenting with their brand & products here in our studio space with our crew! it’s an honor to be your marketing resource that helps you grow your business & advance your company’s creativity!

Milleliving, Phenomix Sciences, & Molly Fuller Design are clients that all have the same thing in common – we are honored to announce that these clients successfully became finalists in the MNcup!!!  the MNcup is a community-led, public-private partnership that brings together corporations, VCs, foundations, government and skilled volunteers to support Minneasota’s entrepreneurs! All three companies brought their products & stories to soona Minneapolis to create quality content before entering the competition!

this opportunity brought awareness & $$$ straight to their companies!

here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. pro photo & video can help you WIN

  2. the brands that create clickable content WIN

  3. content is the new social currency that will help you WIN

  4. we love our clients <3

we are #proud – it’s time for your business dreams to THRIVE. it’s time to make your financial goals a reality. it’s time to bring awareness to your brand.

feeding your newsfeed, website, & socials with quality content WINS! we followed up with our clients to celebrate their accomplishments & learn more about how the soona experience helped their companies S H I N E.


1.    What content creation needs lead you to seek out soona?

@millealiving – We were looking for product shots to use on our website and in promotional pieces. We also needed a one minute video for the MN Cup competition – that your team crushed!

@phenomixsciences – As a startup trying to get in front of as many investment prospects as possible, we realized it is important to create some brief engaging digital content that helps draw attention to the problem we are setting out to solve and how our solution fits in. Our first piece was a two minute video and soona came highly recommended. – Photography of my products!


2. What was it like working with the soona staff?

@millealiving – They were so professional and nice in every way possible.   And from scheduling (and re-scheduling), listening to our needs and desires, creatively capturing our products, and making us feel comfortable to get just the right content for our video, the soona team made us feel so confident and excited for the experience.

@phenomixsciences – It was great – the team was attentive to our needs and helped us throughout the process. – Great! They were friendly and attentive and professional!

3. How would you describe the soona space?

@millealiving – Clean, Modern, Comfortable

@phenomixsciences – Upbeat, chic, with great natural light. – Clean, stylish and versatile

4. Where did you use your content/plan to use your content?

@millealiving – We used it for the Minnesota Cup Competition, on our website, social media, to create a trade show booth, and we plan on using it in our collateral as we create new pieces.

 @phenomixsciences – The first use of our new content was for our Minnesota Cup submission, but we have since used it as an introduction to investors. – All things marketing-

Social media posts, website images, and flyers

5. Did the content make an impact on your business? If so, how?

@millealiving – Well it certainly played a part in helping us become finalists in the Minnesota Cup!

 @phenomixsciences – Yes, we made it to the finalist round of MN Cup and our video certainly played a role! – Made me look more legitimate as a small business and clearly highlight my product quality and details.

7. Will we see you soona? 😉

@millealiving – As we have more products come out, for headshots, and to create additional video content – you bet!

@phenomixsciences – Yes, we will need headshots! – Yes!