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product update
Christopher Lee
senior product manager
date of 🚀
March 24, 2023


still have questions? here are the ones we answer all the time.

what kind of content can I get with Trend?

Trend is a self-serve platform that hosts a diverse creator network to create photo & video content used primarily for online stores. organic social media content. and paid ads.

how do I get started with Trend?

  1. visit
  2. create a project
  3. review & approve content creator applications
  4. collaborate with creators with in-platform messaging and plan content delivery dates
  5. approve and download content to use where you need it with complete licensing rights

what is the cost?

Trend is free to use! pay per creator you hire. credits start at $100.

can I create with Trend via my soona account?

not yet! right now you can create directly at

how many creators are in the network?

over 1,000 approved creators have been hand-selected to join it is up to you to choose how many different creators you want to work with based on your budget and needs.

how will soona + Trend integrate?

the two platforms will become integrated over the next year. don’t worry - there’s more to come here!

got a big project?

interested in preferred?
have a large project in mind?
need guidance building a custom shoot?