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build your dream video a la carte

video clips

video clips are $93 each. 1 clip is 1 angle with up to 2 minutes of footage. we'll shoot many angles during your shoot and you just buy what you want for $93 each.

videos at soona are most successful with a model pro service for movement and action. we recommmend the ecommerce spin video for bookings without pro services.

get inspired

here are examples of the videos you can create at soona!


make some video magic with add-ons! add them to your video clips during checkout.

pro edit

we'll edit your purchased clips together

add music

tell us the 🎵 style. we'll add a song to your video.

add gFX

add your logo or send us a graphic for us to include.

add text

add a name. a title. a callout how your product works. clear copy cues are clutch.

crop video

different platforms need different crops.