standard shoot – up to 10 photos: $229
double shoot – 10+ photos or video reservations: $449

add this to your shoot if your ideas require styling with food, props or apparel. here’s a quick way to know if you need styling: 

  • you want more than 5 items in a single shot
  • you want food or ingredients styled with your product
  • your product will arrive at soona unassembled and needs to be assembled
  • you have apparel that needs to be steamed and styled
  • you want to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

after you book: we will review your shot list and determine if you need the styling add-on.

why we ❤️ styling

styling adds an extra set of hands to your shoot + helps bring your vision to life. it’s the tiny touch your set needs to truly shine.

without styling

with styling