stop paying a $hit load for PHOTO AND VIDEO

soona costs the average merchant 1/10th of traditional creative production. the old school way of creating product photography is expensive and time consuming. we are on a mission to make quality content affordable for brands of all sizes.

compare soona to other production options


aka: the smart way
average spend: $750
average time: 1 week
photographer - included
editor - included
models - start at $99
props - included
camera & lenses - included
tripod & gear - included
backdrops - included
24 hour delivery
final result
full catalog of photos & videos


aka: the low quality way
average spend: $2k
average time: 2 weeks
find talent
model ($1500/day)
find gear
props & backdrops
camera & lights
will it look good?
spend hours trying to edit
ready in days
spend time and money sourcing photography gear & props.

unknowns: will it look good?

final result: poor quality photos & video
final result
poor quality photos & videos

MONEY PIt option

aka: the expensive way
average spend: $20k
average time: 4 months
find talent
photographer ($2k/day)
model ($1500/day)
hair & makeup ($500/day)
stylist ($750/day)
editor ($750/day)
find a studio
studio rental ($3k/day)
find gear
props & backdrops
camera & lights
weeks — months
final result
1 video or a dozen photos
photographer ($2k/day)
model ($1500/day)
hair & makeup ($500/day)
stylist ($750/day)
editor ($750/day)
studio rental ($3k/day)

final result: 1 video or a dozen photos

friend of a friend

aka: the difficult way
average spend: $5k
average time: 2 months
find talent
model ($1500/day)
find a studio
studio rental ($3k/day)
reliability & communication
several months
final result
photos & videos you don't love and 3 months late
model ($1500/day)
studio rental ($3k/day)

unknowns: communication and reliability

final result: photos and videos you don't love and 3 months late

become preferred

upgrade to a new soona experience full of exclusive perks and discounts to save you thousands. it’s like the in-house team you always wanted.
dedicated account manager
free edits & add-ons. yep.
savings start at $950


we have two easy ways to create content with soona: build your own shoot or get started with a pack


build a shoot

at soona you book what you need and buy what you love. buy your fav photos and the rest remain in your gallery.

what's included

standard editing
backdrops &
studio props
24 hour delivery
lifestyle scenes
real-time collaboration
live virtual shoot
hand model
pet model
hair & makeup
grocery shopping
full body model

$9 photo add-ons

add a lil something extra to your photos!
select any add-ons during checkout.


remove the background or adjust the background color.

a full body model

we'll smooth out any imperfections.

create pattern

our team can take one photo of your product and create a playful pattern.


touch up products.  edit a flaw in packaging. combine two photos.


we'll deliver the uncompressed raw photo.



create magic with soona video clips. 1 clip is 1 angle with up to 2 minutes of footage. we'll shoot many angles during your shoot and you only buy what you love.

what's included

clip cleanup in editing
backdrops &
studio props
24 hour delivery
lifestyle scenes
real-time collaboration
live virtual shoot

video clip add-ons

add a lil something extra! select any add-ons during checkout.


we'll edit your purchased clips together.


tell us the style. we'll add a song to your video.


add your logo or send us a graphic .


callout how your product works. clear copy cues are clutch.


different platforms need different crops.

gummy vitamins with a hand model
pro edit $99/clip

match the background to your desired brand color, transparent or pure white for ecomm.

a full body model

we'll smooth out any imperfections.

a hand model holding a tool
create pattern

our team can take one photo of your product and create a playful pattern.

a full body model

touch up products. adjust a color hue. edit a flaw in packaging. combine two photos.

a hand model holding a tool

we'll deliver the uncompressed raw photo.

gummy vitamins with a hand model

save time and money with our pre-priced packs. everything you need to launch your products on the most popular ecommerce platforms or market your products on social.

what's included

standard editing
24 hour delivery
backdrops &
studio props
real-time collaboration
fixed pricing + option to buy more
live virtual shoot

$9 add-ons

add a lil something extra to your photos! select any add-ons during checkout.

remove background

match the background to your desired brand color, transparent or pure white for ecomm.

a full body model

we'll smooth out any imperfections.

create pattern

our team can take one photo of your product and create a playful pattern.


touch up products. adjust a color hue. edit a flaw in packaging. combine two photos.


we'll deliver the uncompressed raw photo.

a hand model holding a hair brush
a dog on a pink backdrop
a full body model on a blue backdrop
face care products

upgrade your shoot

let us give you a hand - with a literal hand model and so much more.

frequently asked questions about soona

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what furniture products do you assemble?

furniture products are larger products usually found in a house. office. or business space. furniture products may require power tools to assemble.

furniture includes

  • stools
  • chairs
  • sofas
  • tables & desks
  • dressers
  • shelves 
  • beds

furniture assembly

how do I share assembly instructions?

please share your product assembly instructions via email or ship them with your product. 

furniture assembly

what is furniture assembly?

furniture assembly is the service we require when your furniture product ships in multiple pieces and needs to be put together to a complete stage so it's shoot ready.

furniture assembly

does steaming include styling of the items?

steaming includes prep time to ensure your items are wrinkle free before your shoot begins. it does not include a stylist on set to style your steamed items. styling will be required if you’d like your items styled on your shoot.


how many items can you steam during my shoot?

we can steam up to 20 items. more than 20 items will require multiple steaming upgrades.


when do you steam my items?

our crew will ensure your items are steamed before your shoot begins. they will also continue to steam your items during the shoot as needed.


who steams my items?

our in-studio crew will steam and prepare your items for your shoot.


what items can you steam?

we can steam mid to large size wrinkle prone items. we commonly steam:

  • apparel
  • bed sheets
  • duvets
  • pillow cases
  • curtains
  • table cloths
  • fabric swatches

is styling included with non-furniture assembly?

an additional styling service is required to have your product styled in a lifestyle scene or with props during your shoot.

non-furniture assembly

how much time do you spend assembling?

our crew will spend up to 30 minutes for assembly before the shoot and up to 30 minutes of disassembly after the shoot. If your products require more than one hour for assembly and disassembly you may be required to add multiple non-furntiture assembly add-ons.

non-furniture assembly

what non-furniture products do you assemble?

non-furniture products are smaller products that may require materials such as:

  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paint & brushes 
  • needles & thread
  • staples
  • push pins
  • hooks
  • wires
  • command strips
  • nails & hammer 
  • yarns & strings 
  • dyes & fabric coloring 

non-furniture includes

  • hanging pieces & wall decor (picture frames + wall art)
  • tech devices
  • arts and crafts
  • puzzles 
  • inflatable products (paddle boards)
  • tents
  • toys

non-furniture assembly

how do I share assembly instructions?

please share your product assembly instructions via email or ship them with your product.

non-furniture assembly

what is non-furniture assembly?

non-furniture assembly is the service we require when your non-furniture product ships in multiple pieces and needs to be put together to a complete stage so it's shoot ready.

non-furniture assembly

can a stylist swatch my product?

yes! stylists can create texture swatches of your beauty or art products on acrylic surfaces or models (requires a model pro service).

styling 2

can a stylist source special props or groceries for my shoot?

soona offers select FREE props for your shoots. if the prop you're requesting is not on our list - please plan to send us the prop(s) with your product.

if you're looking for food or beverages in your content: add on grocery shopping + your stylist will shop fresh items from local stores before your shoot starts.

styling 2

are stylists creative directors?

during your shoot our stylists efficiently execute the shot list and shoot goals you provide. the stylist follows your creative direction to capture your vision and ensure each shot is high-quality.

defining your brand's creative vision. creative direction. building your shot list. or managing your creative project are out of the scope of our styling service. you must provide a shot list and shoot goals before your shoot for our stylists to review and follow.

styling 2

can I talk to my stylist before a shoot?

you can communicate live with stylists during the shoot on the kickoff call and live chat. please provide clear shot lists and shoot goals before your shoot so your stylist can review and execute your expectations.

if you'd like to discuss your goals and have support building your shot list: add the producer pro service.

styling 2

what is a soona stylist?

a soona stylist brings your vision to life by serving as an extra pair of skilled hands and creative eyes during your shoot. they efficiently execute your shot list as quickly as possible resulting in eye-grabbing imagery that truly allows your product to shine and meets your brand goals.

styling 2

how do I know I need a stylist?

stylists are essential for shoots with complex shot lists and stylized inspiration images. the photographer focuses on capturing high-quality images. the stylist artfully sets up scenes and adjusts your product and props to achieve your vision.

soona requires styling for the following shoot types:

  • 5+ items styled in a single shot
  • swatches to highlight texture or color
  • food or ingredients styled with your product
  • pinned and adjusted clothing and accessories
  • bedroom scenes + other decorated lifestyle setups
  • to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

still not sure? email us at with your vision or inspiration images and we’ll make a recommendation. after you book and we review your goals: we may require styling if we believe it’s essential to reaching your content goals.

styling 2

are there other pets besides cats and dogs available?

on occasion we have other pet types beyond cats & dogs available. the other pet types available can vary. we recommend using filters during model selection to find our “other” pet types.

pet models

do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is required for all shoots with models so you can give live feedback. we want you present so we capture your content just the way you need it! 

if you are not present at your shoot we will do our best to achieve your goals. if you would like more content with your model: you must book another shoot.

pet models

what if I need a specific breed or size pet?

our model selection process allows you to filter through our model directory after you book. filter by pet type. weight. and other measurements in order to find the perfect pet for your brand.

if you’re not seeing a pet type you are looking for - email with your preferred pet details and we will let you know our options.

pet models

what training do pet models have?

all soona pet models undergo a test shoot to ensure quality photos and direction can be taken. dog models have basic obedience training (sit. stay. lay down) and cats have the proper temperaments to make a shoot successful.

if your goals require tricks or special commands: provide detailed descriptions about what actions the pet model must be able to perform. our crew + pet model owners will review and assess this information accordingly before agreeing to work on the shoot.

pet models

can I have the hair + makeup artist style on camera?

if you would like to have the hair + makeup artist style a person on camera - please email 

our team will assist in your booking process and source an artist that is comfortable being on camera to perform the tasks.

note: an additional full body model fee will be required on top of the hair + makeup fee.

hair + makeup

is hair + makeup included with a full body model?

soona models arrive with natural hair + little to no makeup. all hair + makeup is done by the models at home before they arrive.

if you wish to have the model’s hair or makeup styled professionally - you must book the hair + makeup service in addition to the full body model.

hair + makeup
building your shoot
during your shoot
after your shoot
models & more
headshots for all
terms & licensing
about us

how much experience do your models have?

we pride ourselves on bringing everyday people local to our studios into our model directory. this allows us to celebrate diversity. accessibility & inclusivity. we offer a wide range of relatable models who have different levels of experience in production. all soona models undergo a test shoot and all operate under the same soona standards and expectations.

what if I don't need a model for the entire shoot?

we suggest you make a booking dedicated to just model shots. this may mean you create two bookings - one for model photos and another for non-model photos. for example: if you need 16 photos with no model and 12 photos with a hand model - we suggest you book one hand model shoot in the 10-15 photo range. and book another shoot without a model in the 16-25 photo range. if you have special shoot needs or need help with booking reach out to for suggestions!

do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is mandatory for all shoots with models. this is to ensure that you can give live feedback to the model(s) and we can capture your content just the way you need it. if you are not in attendance for your virtual shoot with models - we will shoot for 1 hour. in these cases: if you would like more content with the model(s) you must create another booking.

what's the process of booking and scheduling a model?

1. create a booking on
2. select the number of images you are looking to purchase
3. select your models and any upgrades
4. pay the model booking fee and book your shoot
5. select your top model preferences + model details in your created booking's pro services tab
6. sit back and relax as we book your most preferred available model
7. join your shoot + watch the magic happen!

where can I browse the models that soona offers?

all of our models for each city are featured on you will be able to select your top choice models for your shoot after you book. if you need more specific details on the models (such as measurements) we will be able to supply those details for you during or after your selection process.

how do soona prices compare to a modeling agency?

you pay a one-time fee for every soona model and that's it! there are no usage and renewal fees - so you never have to worry about where or when you can use your content! model prices at modeling agencies can be variable and booking fees can differ from model to model. there are also usage + renewal fees to use the content after the shoot and there may be extra fees added due to contract negotiations.

what do I need to do after I book?

ship your products and share what you want to create. not sure what shots you need? soona has packs that make it SUPER easy for you. check them out here!

what to expect during your shoot:

your creative team will closely follow the predetermined shot list. but wait. there’s more! our team will take as many photos as we can in our allotted time slot allowing you to always come back and re-shop your gallery for the standard $39 a la carte pricing.

how was soona started?

soona was founded by Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson after realizing how hard and expensive it is to create professional photo & video. Liz and Hayley are a dynamic founding creative team with a shared vision of using tech to enhance the work of creatives and improve access to high-quality custom content.

where are my photos?

your photos live in your gallery! scroll down on your account until you see the “gallery tab”.

do I get to choose my date and time for my shoot?

our schedulers pick a date and time that works best for our schedule to make sure you will get the best experience based on your shoot goals. you will receive an email with the date and time. have a conflict with the time? please let us know asap and we will do our best to get you rescheduled for a time that works better. 

can I reschedule or cancel my headshots for all booking?

there is no canceling or rescheduling of the free headshots for all bookings.

what is fast pass?

with the fast pass you can:

  • store your package at the soona studio
  • get fast pass access to scheduling 
  • early access to new features

fast pass allows up to two 20 x 20 x 20 boxes. oversized items are subject to additional fees. the $39 recurring fee is billed monthly on the day you signed up to the last card on file. should you cancel storage prior to the end of the month there is no proration in billing.

note: when making your next booking select the “my product is already at soona” option. after you create your booking: under the details tab please “add your product” under the shipping section and select “add from account” to let us know which of your stored products we’ll be using on that shoot. your shoot cannot be scheduled without this!

I am outside of the US - do I still get a free shipping label? 

at this time the free shipping label is only good for shipments within the US.

I’m not shipping a product because it’s already at your studio - how do I proceed?

visit the details tab of your booking and scroll down to “add package” + “add from account”. this will notify us that your products are already in studio 😊

I shipped my product! where do I add tracking? 

visit the details tab of your booking and scroll down to “add package”. click that + add your tracking info. this lets us know your product is on the way, so we can keep an 👀 out for it!

can I bring my own model?

absolutely! you are more than welcome to coordinate your own model for your shoot. please just let us know in the details tab of your booking that you will be doing so.

will we have a call to plan before the shoot?

your kickoff call will take place at the start of your scheduled shoot. you will be able to go over the creative details + shot list and the goals for your shoot. add a producer to your shoot if you would like to have a designated point of contact prior to your scheduled shoot time. learn more about this additional service here.

can I edit or cancel my order?

email to make any changes to your order. soona does not provide refunds.

what is the turn-around time?

your edited order will be delivered within 24 hours after you check out from your shoot.

can my team members join the shoot too?

absolutely! sign into your account and select "view account profile". scroll down. there is a "contributors" section where you can add teammates they will need to accept the invite and create a profile with the email address you added.

what is the usage policy?

when you purchase content you purchase the license to use the photos in perpetuity. in other words: anywhere for any amount of time! this includes our models as well!

to dig into this more, it's in section 5 of our terms 🤓

how do I join my live shoot?

join your live shoot via the little blue chat bubble on your dashboard. your crew will be there waiting for you!

how do I add a promo code?

enter the promo code on the downpayment screen where it says "promo code". make sure to enter this code when booking (NOT when checking out after a shoot). you can apply one promo per booking and cannot apply a promo to an existing booking.

how many headshots can I get?

we are offering everyone one free headshot! you can buy additional photos for $39 each.

can I bring a friend or team or pet for a group shot?

headshots for all is about YOU! create a regular headshot booking with us and we’ll have fun with everyone.

can I bring different outfits?

we ask that you show up wearing the outfit you feel most confident and comfortable in! we’ll make sure you’re looking good so you can leave feeling good.

can I pick a different background color?

each month we will choose a different backdrop color. check the website or follow us on social to find out what color is next.

what's the difference between headshots for all and a regular headshot booking?

headshots for all shoots are on the backdrop color of the month and are 15 minutes. want to have multiple wardrobe options? pick your own backdrop color? bring a friend? book a regular photo booking with us to customize your shoot.

contact info

we offer email and chat support. 

email: we respond to all emails within 24 hours. 

chat: little orange bubble on the bottom right! we respond to all chats within 15 minutes. Monday-Friday 8am-4pm MST. 

the live shoot includes built-in time for kickoff call with your crew to review details! 

quick links to resources:

  • pro services - soona offers models + styling + producer services + more
  • packs- explore our options for Shopify + Amazon + Instagram
  • soona props - see what props are available in studio. send additional props you’d like with your product.
  • soona surfaces - see what surfaces are available in studio to add dimension + texture to your product
  • backdrops colors - see the colors we have available for your shoot
  • inspiration pages - explore what’s possible at soona and sort by industry

rescheduling + cancellations + refunds

we want to ensure your shoot time works! you may reschedule your shoot one time by emailing no later than 24 hours before your booking. we’ll do our best to accommodate a better time. 

soona does not provide refunds. if you are not thrilled with your content we want to make it right! please reach out at and we’ll work together to create content you love.

is it required for me to join my shoot?

yes! we require participation on your first soona shoot and any shoots with pro services. we want to capture your real time feedback so you leave with content you LOVE. 

keep an eye out for an email with your scheduled shoot time and be sure to reach out to ASAP if the time does not work. you may reschedule up to 24 hours before your shoot time.

how do I know if I need the styling pro service?

your soona shoot includes one photographer. a stylist provides an extra pair of hands to assist with things like: 

  • 5+ items in a single shot
  • swatches or cosmetic textures
  • food or ingredients 
  • apparel that needs to be steamed + styled + folded + pinned
  • you want to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

after you book we review your goals and shot list. some shoots may require the styling pro service to be executed successfully.

does soona provide models?

yes! soona offers full body models + hand models + pet models. learn more about soona’s models here. you will select your preferences via the pro services tab after you complete your booking.

see our models 👇




Los Angeles

you received my product - how long until we can shoot?

we aim to schedule your shoot at the next available time within 1 week after we receive you product. this time can vary. shoots with pro services require additional coordination which may extend the time to schedule your shoot. please double check that you’ve filled out any & all forms on the pro services tab of your booking. you will receive an email confirmation once we have you on the calendar. 

how does shipping work?

soona provides your first USPS label free! click on the details tab of your booking and scroll down - select help me ship for your first free label!

what about return shipping?
during booking you’ll share your preference for what to do with your product post-shoot.

store: soona’s fast pass program stores your product and props in studio until your next shoot. $39 per month. 

return: we’ll send it right back for the cost of the label and a $20 return handling fee.

discard: we’ll safely discard your product in a way that protects your brand.

what editing is included in the $39 photo cost? what are the $9 editing add-ons?

what are the $9 editing add-ons?

we offer editing add-ons for $9 per add-on:

  • change background color or pure white
  • product touch-up (such as removing barcodes or scratches)
  • transparent background PNG export
  • buy the RAW uncompressed file
  • smooth skin
  • create a pattern using your product
  • photoshop it

what editing is included in the $39 photo cost? 

each purchased photo + video includes standard editing to brighten + crop + make your content ready to post. below is an example of a before and after of a standard edit:

photos are delivered in 2 versions: a full-resolution JPEG and a web-ready JPEG. 

I need a quote. how does pricing work?

at soona you book what you need and buy what you love. your booking downpayment covers your first $39 photo or $93 video clip + the cost of any pro services you may have added.


$93/video clip

packs start at $259

you may also choose to add pro services such as a model or styling. pro service pricing is a one time flat rate + tiered based on the amount of content you need. 

I’m not sure what to book! can soona recommend a booking?

here to help! we offer 2 types of shoots:

select “build your own” to choose each detail of your shoot + pay a la carte. want a pre-built pack? select a pack! these shoots are prepaid. discounted. and created with ecomm and social media best practices in mind. 

still have questions? email our team at and we will create a customized booking for you based on your goals.

what is soona? how do I get started?

soona is the first virtual studio for product photography. our platform makes it possible for brands to create affordable content from anywhere. our mission is to provide quality content for all.

1. book and share your content goals 

2. ship us your goods (your first label is on us! select “help me ship” on the details tab of your booking to generate your label)

3. join your shoot via the blue chat bubble on your dashboard

4. collab with your photographer and give real-time feedback 

5. shop your content a la carte immediately after your shoot + get edits back in 24 hours

we can’t WAIT to create together. book here to get started. learn more via soona’s live demo.

if I choose grocery shopping: can soona just pick out things for my shoot?

we want to get exactly what you want for your shoot! we’ll send a form for you to fill out and make a shopping list for us. need some ideas? check out our inspo page to see what’s possible at soona!

please note: fresh ingredients are sourced at local grocery stores near each studio. seasons can affect which fruits, vegetables, plants, or flowers are available.

what if i want to show more than just hands during the shoot?

the hand model pro service is just for hands. please choose a full body model instead if you’d like to show a full body, face, or feet.

does styling include props?

stylists have access to our standard studio props! any props outside this list can be shipped to our studio. book our grocery shopping services for any fresh ingredients you may need.

what if I don't like my model?

we strive to keep our model images up to date so you know exactly what to expect!

if you are not happy with your model - book with a different model for your next shoot! please note that pro services are non-refundable.

got a big project?

interested in preferred?
have a large project in mind?
need guidance building a custom shoot?