soona house rules

  1. Your pre-shoot survey is the key to all the wonderful things. Please make sure your survey is complete before you arrive.

  2. Please be on time for your shoot. We recommend being 10 minutes early.

  3. Bring your product looking its best. It should be working beautifully. If there are stains, defects or wrinkles - those things will appear in your content.

  4. Bring your props! If you want your image to contain an item, you need to bring it with you.

  5. Light editing is included! If you have specific direction for your editing, please communicate it with your studio crew at your shoot.

  6. Robust editing is an add-on service. Additional edits cost $50 per hour for pop-in shoots. $45 per hour for members.

  7. Bring multiple wardrobe options. Experimentation is the key to getting great content!

  8. This is an inclusive workplace. Everyone is welcome here.

  9. If we wrap your shoot early, we will still deliver the appropriate number of assets to you. For example, if your 4 hour shoot wraps in 3.5 hours - it’s because we are confident we have 36 images and 4 video clips ready for you.

  10. Our promise: if we make a mistake, we reshoot it for you. No additional cost.