We heard you: And we changed our pricing!

by | Jun 24, 2019

“Are you listening to me?”

It’s a question that comes loaded with emotional baggage. I am certain that we have all asked this question of a friend, partner or colleague. But the truth is, listening – TRULY LISTENING – is hard work. But, we heard you. Our pricing was just too damn complicated. We like simplicity too. That’s why our pricing is now simple, simple, simple.

Moving forward, soona is even easier to use.

Simply make a video appointment or photo appointment online. Pay for your first photo or video when you book. And then, buy only the content you want in the soona studio.

We shoot. You shop. Here’s the price:

  • Each photo is now $39

  • Each video clip is now $93

It’s that simple. And here’s the best part? That custom content is cheaper than the price of most boring stock.

Since founding soona, we knew that we wanted to do one thing really well: Take the complicated industry of high-end photo and video production and make it affordable, accessible and available to all brands of all sizes. In listening to you, our customers and our potential customers, we know that part of living up to that promise is allowing you to buy the content only when we TRULY deliver.

And deliver, we will. As long as you like what our crews are creating for you and you are adding to cart – you can keep shopping and we will keep shooting.

A few ground rules:

  1. We still ask that you make appointments online if you have a complex shoot or really specific needs. This helps us be as prepared as possible when you come in for your production.

  2. Walk-ins are now welcome! We truly recommend walk-ins for the simple productions. New headshots. Team pics. Family photos. Or a quick, one-off product image.

And that’s it. We hope you will give soona a shot. And thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.