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why now is the best time to get a new headshot

by | May 7, 2021

I remember getting my first headshot like it was yesterday. I was working in my first newsroom job + I was summoned away to a weird little room where a man with a mustache asked me to stand in an awkward position with my shoulders pulled way back. I was wearing a button-up shirt that I felt *exceptionally* uncomfortable in and standing against a background that could only be described as “ugly gray sky.”

if I found that photo now? i’d laugh. (and then I’d burn it.)

headshots have evolved plenty in the last decade. most of that change can be credited to the rise of social media. thanks to platforms like Instagram: we’re able to editorialize and idealize the way we present ourselves to the world—both at work and outside of work.

even before the pandemic: the internet had already greatly reduced the need for business-related travel—and with it? in-person introductions. today’s experts predict we’ll never return to pre-pandemic levels of business-related travel. we can expect more Zoom calls + more virtual introductions + more time spent poking around on LinkedIn for details about potential connections. 

but the lack of in-person meetings doesn’t have to put us at a disadvantage. a quality headshot can be an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our business’ cultures. to put it simply: a great headshot can help you create a positive photographic first impression. 

at soona: we believe photographic first impressions matter. (we believe it so much that we made a commitment to do it forever.) we offer free headshots at our locations in Denver + Minneapolis + Austin every month. haven’t snagged a free headshot yet? what are you waiting for?!

here are 3 things to consider when you’re getting ready for your headshot:


skip the stuffy businesswear.

wear something that represents the vibrant personality you bring to work with you every day. personally? I like a graphic print or an interesting texture. one of my favorite shots of me is on the introduction page of my blog (lacy top). this shot says a lot about me—and it definitely represents how I dress most days. bottom line: don’t change how you dress for a headshot. just dress the way you dress. 


don’t feel like you need to smile.

we’ve all been told that smiling for pictures is the polite thing to do. after all: “say cheese!” has been drilled into us since we were kids. but if your personality is more serious: maybe a smile isn’t the way to go. a smirk or a thoughtful look might work better. and if you’re silly by nature? a giant laugh might be the right expression for your headshot. show off your personality by being bold in your expressions.


embrace a little bit of body. 

you might be tempted to stick to the standard head-and-shoulders shot. but changing it up by asking your photographer for a few full-body images or waist-up shots will make you feel more comfortable. even if you don’t end up using them: you’ll feel more at home in your body—and those head-and-shoulders shots will look even better.


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