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happy 1st birthday Headshots for All

by | Aug 24, 2021

a great headshot is a game-changer. we created the soona Headshots for All program on the belief that everyone deserves to put their best foot forward and access to a stellar headshot should not be the barrier. 

as we celebrate the first birthday of Headshots for All: we know the impact this has on the confidence and accomplishments of our customers across all of our studios. 

here’s a peek at how people have used their soona headshots + how you can too:

update your online presence 

your online presence is more important today than ever before. a study done by CareerBuilder showed that 41% of employers said they might not interview a candidate if they can’t find them online. but even more: it should say up to date. a current + professional online presence is good for landing everything from a spot in a school program to your next job. and it showcases your personality in ways your resume simply can’t. 

I constantly hear how good the shot is, how much my personality shines through, and how nice it is that I have an updated presence! I have referred a couple people to get their headshots updated too. I love soona!

Kaitlin Ungs

stand out from the crowd

headshots are a professional must-have. but professional doesn’t have to mean boring. soona’s Headshots for All program features a new background color each month because we believe in bringing your most unique + authentic self to the table. switch it up from the standard gray + corporate blue backgrounds of yesterday to stand out from the crowd.

Lots of compliments! The fun background color makes it stand out, I think.

Lauren Jordan

bask in confidence + compliments

no shame in loving a good compliment. there’s something to be said about the confidence boost you get from hearing how great + professional your photo looks across your online profiles. the best part of building this confidence is your ability to carry that through your professional life. you really are as great as you think.

I get SO many compliments on my headshot. I am also more confident and feel more professional when using this photo.

Kaitlyn Wall

put your best foot forward when job hunt

being on the hunt for a new gig is a lot in and of itself. but the key to making it a bit easier is finding all of the simple ways to put your best foot—or in this case: face—forward pre-interview. people form an opinion about you based on your picture in fewer than 100 milliseconds. that’s right: milli. seconds. make your headshot work for you so you can focus on nailing the interview.

I was laid off during COVID and seeking an affordable way to revamp my social media for job hunting. I used my headshot on LinkedIn and now it is my badge/profile picture for my new job.

Jess Vysoky

land a new role 

the ultimate win: landing a new role thanks to your stunning headshot. it’s not a matter of if—but when. all it takes is one perfect headshot to match you to your perfect job.

I referred a candidate I was working with to soona and they too took advantage of the Headshots for All program and they believed it helped them land their new role!

Suzanne Pryor

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