4 steps to a successful content audit

by | Dec 18, 2020

any time is a good time to complete a content audit. but there’s something to be said for including a thorough review of your content at the end of a year as you prepare to hit the ground running in January. as the masters of the content domain we know how valuable it is to have the right photos and videos representing you. your strategy. & your brand.

here’s our 4 steps to completing a successful content audit:

💯 set goals 💯

why do you want to do an audit? what are you hoping to get out of it? the answers to those questions can be as simple as you want to understand what types of content works with your target audience and identify gaps or adjustments that need to be addressed. whatever your answer is: it’s important to know that going into your audit so you stay focused on what lens you’re looking at your content through and what your next steps will be.

🔍 look for what is and isn’t working 🔍

once you’ve set your goals it’s time to take a long deep bath in your data. look at everything. look at how ads performed. which emails had the best click-through-rate. which Instagram posts has the highest engagement? what content was related to your best converting button your website? after you identify those pieces you can then begin to look at any content trends. maybe there was one photo or video that worked best across all your platforms. or maybe there’s a style of content you felt converted the most on your website. look for any and all common threads and write those down as the direction for any content needs you discover.

🗑️ say goodbye to what no longer fits your brand or strategy 🗑️

after your data bath you can look at those common threads and see what still works with your brand as it is currently or your plans for where you want to take your brand in the near future. say goodbye to what is no longer relevant and add ideas for its replacement to your content needs list.

🏆 look at what your competitors are doing 🏆

the last step to complete your audit is take a look at what your competitors are doing. find what their content commonalities are and then be different. find a way to set yourself apart from whatever the competition is doing. you don’t want to join their content shadow. you want to outshine them.
before you can officially reach the content audit finish line you have to do one thing: book your content refresh shoot with soona! add your audit notes to your shotlist and let’s make your content dreams come true.

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