meet the founders


Elizabeth Giorgi – ceo & Hayley Anderson – cco

soona was founded by a Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson. Liz and Hayley are a dynamic founding creative team with a shared vision of using tech to enhance the work of creatives and improve access to high-quality custom content. they are driven to provide meaningful jobs in their studio stores while advancing their mission of making quality content accessible to brands of all sizes. together they created the Candor Clause. an open source legal disclosure to help close the gender gap in VC. the two met and worked together at Liz’s first company. Mighteor is an innovative production company that pioneered the creation of internet-based production strategy for video.

meet the team

Callum Bethune – cto

Callum is as curious as a cat. aaaand that’s what makes him a perfect CTO. he lives by the philosophy “break things to see how they work”. Cal grew up programming calculators. creating photoshop art. and finding hidden powder stashes in the Bozeman Bridgers. in his free time you’ll hear him bending sounds on a modular synth or trying to find the best Wagyu steak in town.

Erica Thompson – director of creative

with a background in live action video. product photography. stop motion and design: Erica uses her experience and passion to bring soona’s story and vision to life. she love movies about space. she’s addicted to Altoids. and she’s currently training for the Classic Tetris World Tournament.

Brianna Littlepage – director of marketing

Brianna is a sharp marketer with a unique set of skills. she blends an understanding of brand marketing and insights + data driven digital marketing solutions. she has spent years working in start-ups and loves to tackle big ideas with big impact. you can find her in the mountains. near water. or off in search of a good adventure.

Beatrice Leung – director of operations

Beatrice is a start-up enthusiast skilled in putting out fires. With a love for note taking. systems thinking. and processes (yes process) you can count on her to keep the train running. In her spare time you can find her obsessing over new tech (Bitcoin. AI. self-driving cars) apps. and finding the best asian food in Denver.

Nathan Vanderlaan – director of engineering

Nathan was formally trained as an architect and now translates his passion for beautifully designed physical spaces into creating cutting edge digital ones. He is a new dad who looks forward to teaching his daughter about the finer things in life: downhill skiing and Dairy Queen. Not originally from Minnesota he jumped in with two skates and can now frequently be found passing the biscuit around the barn in his adult ice hockey league.

Renata Naumann – finance & analytics manager

Renata is a numbers person with a passion for data. and explaining the financials without making you fall asleep (which we obvi love). she’s worked for companies big and small like SMBC. MM La Fleur. and Etsy. Renata is originally from Brazil and after living in the Big Apple for 17 years: is looking forward to chilling by the Colorado mountains.

Jess Lane – director of finance

Jess touches all things biz 101 from finance to hr to data analytics. she loves working in a fast paced environment with new exciting problems to solve. when she’s not working, you can find her traveling, reading or spending time outdoors.


Laura Oxler – customer loyalty lead

Laura is a creative producer slash strategist. using both sides of her brain to solve problems slash drive creativity for her clients. she brings levity to everything she touches and loves helping a client’s dream come to life. dog lover: canines and hot dogs alike. still waiting on that Hogwarts letter tho.

Hanna Peterson – senior designer

Hanna finds great pleasure in turning big ideas into reality through thoughtful design. she is passionate about good color combinations and creating fresh work that delights. you can often find her rummaging through old objects and is currently on the hunt to finish her collection of sad dog salt and pepper shakers.

Andrew Spector – sales manager

After spending 30+ years in a Midwest bubble, Andrew decided to trade the views of Lake Michigan for the peaks of Colorado mountains. he has worked in sales roles with multiple Chicago startups and feeds off the challenge of helping a company grow. Andrew is also a photographer and loves pushing his creative limits, so he is excited to use this combination of experience at soona. on the weekends, you can find Andrew hiking a new trail, facetiming his nephews, or searching for the perfect burger.


Hogan McDonald – full stack developer

Hogan has always been a creative problem solver. he had the most well organized lego set around as a kid. as an adult, he enjoys discovering new music. building useless apps. and running his own screen printing business. you can usually find him cruising around Minneapolis on his All City bike.

Sarah Moffatt – content marketing manager

sarah is a reformed journalist who has always had a way with words. she uses her love of language to give soona’s vision a voice. she’s also a self-proclaimed expert christmas tree decorator. outside of work you can find sarah hiking in the mountains. playing with her dog jack. or finding ways to put her dance degree to good use.

James Tucker – full stack developer

whether it was with Legos. paint. or a camera: James has always loved making things. it goes without saying that building soona’s technology is a dream gig for him. in his free time you can find James making screeching noises with his violin. hiking. or spending time with his wife.

Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed – full stack developer

Rukia is a problem-solver who loves making people’s life easier through tech + empower them in the process. during her free time she enjoys spending time with her baby boy. traveling the world. creating fun DIYs. and speaking about tech.

Emma Marlar – studio manager – minneapolis

emma has got her hands on everything behind the scenes and on the stage. she has toured around the world with professional dance companies and spends much of her time curating interdisciplinary art shows in atypical performance spaces. with the perfect storm of a logistical brain and a heart for all that is creative, she knows how to see things through start to finish. catch her in minneapolis, making things happen.

​Mason Newport – studio manager – austin

Mason is a guy who puts everything into every project. we love that he’s on the soona team because he really gets stuff done and makes you laugh while doing it. he loves the big picture but has a keen attention to detail. being an outgoing all-around-cool guy he’ll make you feel welcome among the soona team. he uses his background in photography to set up sick shots and his entrepreneurial wisdom 🧠 to guide our way as studio manager in Austin. when he’s not chilling out in the studio, it’s possible you’ll find him in the coziest part of the couch partnered up with his three fur-children 🐕🐈

Erica Wegeler – studio manager – denver

As someone who likes to refer to herself as aesthetically driven, Erica loves any and all things that are well made or have undeniable charm. with a background that ranges from administrative support to luxury retail, she’s thrilled to continue to bring her creative drive and problem solving skills to the soona team. when she’s not navigating photoshoots, you can probably find her listening to a podcast about pop culture or carting expensive clothing she’ll (likely) never buy.


Lauren Schneck – studio manager – minneapolis

Lauren discovered a love for the visual arts wayyy back in junior high. and sealed the deal with video when she made her first documentary on Wisconsin karaoke regulars. she started her professional career working in LA on non-scripted television production with networks like MTV. ABC. Oxygen. TLC. and Animal Planet. now based in Minneapolis she loves creating content for small businesses + everyday folks. you can find Lauren eating all the pizza with her fam.

Cruz Arias – pro services coordinator 

When soona needs a hand, you can count on Cruz to help! He’s always ready to support soona in any creative and entrepreneurial ways. When he’s not at soona Cruz loves sipping on kombucha. being out in nature and immersing in the world of fashion.

Maggie Shafer – senior accountant

Maggie is a friendly + energetic Minnesotan who loves to create order in the complex world of numbers. her keen eye for detail and knowledge of GAAP keeps the financials honest + accurate. she loves being outside, but doesn’t enjoy below-zero temps so she thoughtfully moved to Denver where she heard there were 300 days of ☀️. in her spare time you will find her in the mountains climbing cliffs, traveling to exotic countries or baking gluten-free sourdough.

Carlee Henderson – senior production sidekick

Originally from Michigan, Carlee has spent the last 6 years in Denver working in the creative community connecting with as many amazing people as possible that’s included marketing and events, print and online publications, and now with soona! on her off-time, you can find Carlee traveling around the Southwest, hanging out with her massive orange tabby cat Otis, and cooking up a storm at home!


Hunter Neiblum – post production coordinator

Hunter is an experienced photographer, videographer and pro video/photo editor with a mind for analytics and science. when he’s not building something from scratch, you can find him climbing and camping in the backcountry, doing street photography, or at the gym practicing parkour. a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie on a budget, adventure and discovery drives his passion for creativity. weakness: tacos!

Leigh Germy – studio pro – denver

Leigh comes to us by way of Atlanta and the craft beer industry. she is a seasoned creative, specializing in portraiture and making anybody feel at ease. even doggos. she likes long walks on the beach. Amazon Prime. and a good dram of whisky.

Andrés Perez – studio pro – minneapolis

Andrés Pérez is a Mexican-American artist exploring identity and culture through photography and music. Andrés is passionate about capturing modern photography for people and brands. 

DK Tong – studio pro – minneapolis

DK’s passion has always been to capture people’s style and personality using photography. he’s inspired by color. fashion. and by all the food in the world (that he hasn’t tried yet!). you can usually find him baking an absurd amount of sweets in the kitchen.

​Megan Elvrum – studio operator – denver

Megan is a Kondo-ing QUEEN! her love of everything organization helps the Denver studio run smoothly. with a background in photography: she thrives in creative environments with an amazing team! outside of the studio you can find her on the ‘gram or running a 5K (and ‘gramming it).

​Samantha Roback – studio creative – minneapolis

Samantha uses the skills developed through her study of film and theater each day in the studio. she also displays an avid passion for stop-motion. checklists. and any snack that includes sugar. Samantha brings her bountiful energy to the Minneapolis studio with a voice so loud… she doesn’t need a boom mic.

Isabel Fajardo – studio creative – minneapolis

Isabel is crazy about accessible photography and loves that soona feels the same way. when Isabel isn’t photographing movement and dance artists: she can be found traveling the world with her 35mm film camera or disappearing into the woods of the Boundary Waters.

Leah Clemons – studio creative – minneapolis

Leah’s creative roots were planted in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia where she studied photography. sculpture. and film theory. she’s a maker of the imaginary. explorer of the mundane and influenced by the works of Studio Ghibli. Laika. and great cinematography. you can find her unwinding with a cup of tea and watching a movie with her cat Midnight.

Livvy List – studio creative – denver

Livvy has had a passion for all things creative. specifically fashion photography. styling. and directing. she dreams to one day shoot the cover of Vogue. she has eaten 2 homestyle eggo waffles every day since she was in 5th grade. you will find her somewhere on a boat in the middle of the ocean listening to her favorite artist Tash Sultana.


Dominique Price – studio creative – austin

Dominiques passion for photography started at a young age and led her to pursue fine art photography in college. she’s always up for a challenge and loves networking. you can also find her on the other side of the camera modeling. when she’s not photographing, you can most likely find her at any restaurant that serves chips and salsa or out hiking with her two dogs.

Kaitlin McMullen – communications assistant

meet soona’s professional hype girl. who is obsessed with capturing aesthetics through the art of film. photo. and writing. when she’s not in the soona studio you can find her adventuring about national parks or in Canada. 🌟

Randi Ward – soona sidekick

Randi is an Arizona native who was drawn to the creative flexibility that soona has to offer. she enjoys meeting new people and helping clients obtain their photoshoot dreams. when she’s not sidekicking, she can be found hiking through the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with her dog Piper. Randi also loves mexican food, going to thrift stores, and taking photos of her own.


Hunter Holm – studio creative – austin

Hunter is a jack-of-all trades kinda guy. he uses his cool sense of style and an eye for photography to produce some pretty rad stuff! he’s a tall funny guy who has a knack for setting up a shot. it’s a delicate mix of creative juices, technical jargon, and impeccable styling. he believes the shots are serious but the work should be fun! he’s the king of puns 👑 and we promise you won’t go a day without one. in his free time you can find Hunter picking out a new hobby like making music or avidly playing his Switch. 🕹

Liv Volkman-Johnson – soona sidekick

Liv has been in a love affair with creativity all her life—from an obsession with musical theatre in grade school, through journalistic endeavors at Winona State, to immersing herself into every facet of the culinary arts. when she’s not at soona, she’s experimenting with new recipes (everything should and will have smoked paprika), trying to learn her favorite songs on ukulele, or diligently maintaining the Instagram page of her mastiff-pitbull Cash.


Alex Fiero – editor

another Minnesota lakes kid with Colorado mountain dreams. Alex’s passion for video and photo accentuated an appreciation for experimenting and learning new things. with a combination of creative and analytical experience, Alex is always looking for ways to improve. when he’s not working on some sick soona edits, you can find him spending time outside hiking, biking, or shooting hoops.


Cody Ross – studio creative

Cody is a recent Michigan transplant to beautiful Colorado. when he’s not chilling at home with his wife and 4 rescue dogs he’s probably outside on an adventure. paddleboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding in the Rockies. he’s been shooting professionally for almost 8 years and loves shooting his outdoor adventures as well as finding fun new ways to play with light.


Hailey Dearman – soona sidekick

Hailey is a self-proclaimed “creative enthusiast” and loves to dream up new projects every day. she enjoys photography, video production, DIY crafts and baking. in her free time she likes to watch movies (Hailey ❤️’s Marvel and Harry Potter), read books, or chill out with her chihuahuas 🐶.


Adrien Radford – H4ALL – minneapolis


Hannah Stierhoff – sidekick – austin

Hannah is a bright-eyed and bustling extrovert who thrives off of true crime, craft projects, and curating playlists. She believes no task is too meticulous, and no detail is too small. You can find her at the climbing gym, organizing someone else’s closet, or in bed reading a book on three different devices.


Armand Gonzalez – studio creative – denver

Armand is a restless thinker who loves visual art. At a young age he picked up his dad’s camera and made shorts with his younger brother and friends. He followed this passion to high school and college where he began freelancing, befriending a roster of talented peers, and eventually winning Best Cinematography for a 24 hour student short at SXSW (he has hid the copy don’t ask him about it) When he’s not in studio Armand is most likely listening to dance music or running.


Kristen Tucker – studio creative – austin