how to incorporate video into your ecommerce marketing (with examples)

by | Feb 24, 2021

there’s no doubt about it: video content reigns supreme. 👑 especially when it comes to ecommerce. but understanding how to make video an integral part of your ecommerce marketing can feel confusing? overwhelming? impossible? yes. yes. and yes. 

we’re here to spill the deets and give examples on all things ecommerce video content marketing: why. what kind. and where. we all need a little creative inspo every once in a while. so sit down. grab a pen. and let’s get crackin’.

why your ecommerce site should be using video

hello. 2008? yes. this is 2021 calling and we’re here to tell you that video marketing is here to stay. but exactly why your ecommerce site should be using video marketing can seem like a mystery. 

the truth is that your customers get three main things from videos: trust. transparency. and usability.

build trust

ecommerce videos help build trust with your target audience. that’s basically a fancy way of saying that your status goes from it’s complicated to committed. 💍

they do that by creating a level of communicative intimacy that static images just can’t replicate. 

videos give marketers the opportunity to have a one-on-one interactive and highly engaging conversation with their audience. this is essential for driving conversion rates on your ecommerce site.

video marketing also builds trust by increasing perceived brand authenticity. 

but this only works if you truly understand your target audience. identify their needs. their wants. and what makes them unique. they’ll grow to love and trust you when they see themselves reflected in the videos that you produce.

increased transparency

ecommerce video marketing also helps peel back the curtains on your business. would you want to buy from the mysterious Wizard of Oz? probably not. 

your audience wants to know you (and your business) like a bff. that kind of intimacy doesn’t happen overnight. audiences want authenticity and transparency. video offers both of those things in a way that differs from static images. 

brand transparency is in high demand. 86% of Americans say that transparency is at the top of their priority list according to a Sprout Social survey. marketers can use high-quality videos as an effective way to build brand awareness and increase transparency.

make your site mobile friendly

your ecommerce site is pretty much guaranteed to be DOA ☠️ if it’s not mobile friendly. it’s predicted that nearly 73% of all online retail ecommerce transactions will take place via mobile device this year

making your ecommerce site mobile friendly will do a world of wonders for your ecommerce business. adding videos with sticky CTA buttons will increase your user retention and improve your mobile conversion rate.

creative types of video that can help boost your sales

video marketing takes time. here’s a little-discussed secret: not all videos are created equally. there are certain types of videos that can boost your sales. here’s what you should be aiming for:

reviews & testimonials

people don’t always want to hear brands and businesses brag about their goods. of course YOU like your products! but the word on the street is worth its weight in gold. what other people are saying about your products can’t be overvalued. 

it’s why sites like Yelp and Google Reviews exist. the trust factor is exponentially increased when the review is coming from an actual user  instead of the brand itself.

that’s why reviews and testimonials make excellent ecommerce marketing videos. 90% of customers report that they read reviews before making a final decision. and when prospective customers hear positive reviews from past customers they’re 72% more likely to complete the purchase.

the key to creating unforgettable testimonial videos is making sure they don’t sound too scripted or formal. you don’t want it to sound like a rigid (i.e. phony) as-seen-on-tv commercial.

product explainer / overview

selling in an ecommerce setting lacks that touch & feel aspect that customers get when they buy in-store. the virtual shopping experience requires customers to bridge the gap of how they would normally shop IRL: touching. smelling. testing. developing a product explainer video can help break down that purchase barrier for many customers.

smart marketers will understand the power of a product explainer video. don’t be afraid to get up close and personal. you can use close-up shots of product details & features to really showcase just how amazing your product is. 

it’s easy for potential customers to gloss over the finer details when you only feature static images. it’s the little things that matter when it comes to setting yourself apart from the rest of your competition.

product tutorial

sometimes there’s a learning curve when buying a new product. if you live in the beauty or tech industry: you know trying new things can be surprisingly intimidating for customers. 

creating videos showing how to use your product can give customers the confidence they need to commit to the purchase. 

take DIY product tutorial videos. they are an integral part of our lives now. when we don’t know what tool to buy or how to use it – what do we do? we head to YouTube and watch product tutorials and demos. 

give your target audience the chance to get to know and understand your product. you might be surprised how this small change can drive big conversions 💸.



seeing a product demo is priceless. it’s almost akin to product testimonials. it’s about as close as you’ll get to that IRL testing experience while virtually shopping. 

not showing your audience how to use your products is a missed opportunity. 

pair your informational videos with engaging images. diagrams. or even other videos. people need to understand how your product functions and what value it brings to them in order to commit to the purchase. video can get the job done.

where to use videos in your marketing strategy

product pages

adding high-quality videos to your ecommerce product pages can level up your customers’ shopping experiences. videos can give your customers a better sense of what their lives will be like after they purchase from you.

this can be incredibly useful for products that have interactive features or benefits like wearable tech. fashion. and beauty. 

video creates a more engaging ecommerce shopping experience and gives you the opportunity to grab shoppers attention immediately. more engagement = better conversion rates. it’s as simple as that.

checkout pages

this might be one place where you haven’t considered using videos as a marketing strategy. but ignoring this page could be a missed opportunity to seal the deal.

the checkout process can seem surprisingly tedious – especially after a mobile-friendly browsing experience. many consumers might argue that it’s the least fun part of buying online. 

incorporating video marketing on your checkout pages serves two purposes:

one: it helps dodge buyer’s remorse and helps to solidify your chances for a repeat customer. 
two: engaging brand videos can keep your customers attention and ensure that they complete the entire checkout process.

social media

you’ve probably heard about the algorithm favoring video in social feeds. and we don’t anticipate that to change any time soon. that’s just one reason why using videos in your social media marketing strategy is 200% essential.

it’s also an ongoing battle to stop the scroll. your business is constantly fighting for attention in customers’ feeds. video marketing is a surefire way to increase brand awareness on social media. 

videos are more engaging. and it’s stickier. one study showed that viewers retain up to 95% of a video message – versus only 10% when reading it in text form. the message seems pretty clear here: video is the way to go.


it’s time to start including videos in your email marketing – like asap. studies show that embedding videos into your email marketing campaigns can boost click through rates by a whopping 65%. it also dramatically decreases unsubscribe rates.

video marketing in your emails gives you the potential to take your brand experience even further. embedding thumbnails and giving your subscribers access to video content is an easy way to drive traffic to your ecommerce site

paid ads

let’s say you’re running a paid ad campaign to increase brand awareness. 

static photos can’t tell your whole brand story. you’ve only got a matter of a few seconds to capture attention before your ad gets lost in the scroll again.

the level of engagement for videos is significantly higher than with static photos. you can tell the same brand story much quicker with video marketing. Facebook conducted a study that showed brands using still image ads and video ads saw a 17% increase in conversions on their video ads.

your audience will engage more and will be more likely to remember your brand when you opt for video marketing in your paid ads.

great examples of video marketing

tobacco motorwear – best product in use

it can be a tough sell to get people to believe that your products can save their lives. but Tobacco Motorwear did just that with this brilliant product demo video. because you know: this is probably something you’d just rather not test for yourself.

product in use videos can really level up your content marketing game. do your business a favor. show your customers how to use your products. then show them how well they hold up under pressure. you can’t go wrong with close-up encounters like this.

Apple watch series 6 – best product overview

Apple’s video for the new Series 6 watch proves that product overview videos don’t have to be stale infomercials. 

the most ingenious part of this marketing campaign is the way in which Apple associates itself as being unfathomably futuristic without actually saying it.

that’s the power of video marketing for your ecommerce business. it’s not always about what you say in the video. it can be just as much about what is unsaid.

Glossier instagram ad – best paid ad

Glossier revolutionized the beauty industry with its online-only ecommerce selling platform in 2002. it was born out of a desire to have the end-user be more integral in product development. 

long story short – Glossier is built on the ideas of their customers. their paid video ads kill it with sleek and gorgeous content that their audiences crave. they continually deliver on imagery that showcases their crowd-influenced products and gives their audience what they came for: authenticity. transparency. and exceptional beauty products.

dropbox for business – best testimonial

it’s pretty much understood what Dropbox does functionally speaking. but what this testimonial video communicates is so much more than that. 

what you don’t get from this video is Dropbox explaining the high-level functionality of fancy new features and benefits. what you do get is a sense of how those features and benefits can actually impact and change your professional life.

that’s the power of a testimonial video. there’s no better way for your potential customers to get to know exactly how life changing your products are.

chobani – best on social media

Chobani was originally known for its greek yogurt. but this year: the company decided to branch out into the crowded market of dairy-free milk alternatives.

this just goes to show that your videos don’t need to be complicated. don’t overthink it. you can create powerful brand loyalty with simple and engaging videos. check it out on there Instagram page here.


there’s no doubt that your ecommerce business needs video marketing. go ahead and sprinkle a little bit everywhere. emails. paid ads. product pages. social media. incorporate it across your omnichannel marketing strategy for max effectiveness. but creating high-quality videos for your business is time-consuming. let soona help you create eye-catching videos for just $93 per clip. see more of what soona can do at

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