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 we took a look into the future of content. . .

👑 video content is queen. 👑
🧍putting humans in content is key. 🧍
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360 degrees of goodness

 a relatively underrated style is the 360-degree video that we’ll continue to see more often. this is a less-flashy type of content meant to be more functional. it helps customers get an all-around idea of the product instead of only still images. it’s simple. but if done right: it can be modern. meaningful. and just plain necessary. 

consumers are snacking on digital video

digital video is taking over as one of the main ways people are consuming media. video in all forms: short. long. live. with music. with commentary. so much so that Google has deemed ecomm “fueled” by digital video – especially during the pandemic. consumers are starting to use video as a replacement for in-store experience. instead of talking to an employee: they’ll watch a video tutorial on how to use a product. instead of trying on an item: they’ll watch an unboxing / try-on haul. and instead of picking another customer’s brain about that product they have in their cart: they’ll watch a review video. tap into digital video and see your sales skyrocket.

stories we tell on the ‘gram

a few solid slides + a good ol’ swipe up link. about 500 million users are engaging with IG + Facebook stories every day. and businesses are getting about a third of those views. they’re such a hit that LinkedIn + Twitter each have their own versions. these numbers will continue to grow as networks battle to create the best experience for brands and consumers. so how can you use these features to grow? lean into video content. use dynamic + fast-paced clips to highlight key parts of your product in those fleeting 15 seconds. then follow up with a still slide + a swipe up link. this combined with your typical feed content? a match made in social content heaven.

people represented

every person in our world is different but the images and videos shown in ads have long stayed the same. that’s changing now more than ever. in a Google study of 3,000: 64% of consumers took an action after watching an ad they considered inclusive. not only do people love to see models who look like themselves and people they know – it helps them believe in the brand.

authenticated originality

there’s so much content on the internet. and that’s ok! the truth is: ecomm is a space for selling. but originality and authenticity are what sells. consumers have never been quite as aware as they are today. they’re looking for brands they identify with. brands they feel represent them. and brands they trust. when creating content: it’s super important that the truth of your brand is fully represented.

content that sells

ecomm has found its place on social media for quite a while now. but the social networks continue to make this a seamless experience for the 71% of shoppers who use social media for purchase discovery. with Instagram making it increasingly easy to turn scrollers into shoppers: it’s becoming more important to have engaging + clear product photos for you to tag your product links. content that sells? who knew? 😏

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