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soona is the content creation platform you have to see to believe. that’s why we’ve created a new way for you to explore soona. find out how to make your content dreams a reality.

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attend our live weekly webinar where we walk you through a soona shoot! we’ll have live Q&A at the end of each session


contact info

we offer email and chat support. reach out to us here!

soona is a self-serve platform. share all the details about your shoot goals on your booking details page and in your shot list. your shoot includes built-in time for a kickoff call with the crew.

rescheduling + cancellations + refunds

we want to ensure your shoot time works! you may reschedule your shoot one time by emailing no later than 24 hours before your booking. we’ll do our best to accommodate a better time.

there is no canceling or rescheduling of the free headshots for all bookings.

soona does not provide refunds. if you are not happy with your content we want to make it right! please reach out to soona at and we’ll work together to create content you love.

is it required for me to join my shoot?

we require participation on your first soona booking and shoots with pro services. we want to capture your real time feedback so you leave with content you LOVE.

keep an eye out for an email with your scheduled shoot time and email us ASAP if the time doesn’t work. you may reschedule one time up to 24 hours before your shoot time.

how do I know if I need the styling pro service?

the standard soona shoot includes a photographer. add the styling pro service to bring your vision to life!

here’s a quick way to know if you need styling:

  • 5+ items in a single shot
  • you want to reflect the style of inspiration you found
  • food, ingredients, swatches or cosmetic textures
  • apparel that needs to be styled + folded + pinned
  • your product needs to be assembled or prepared before shoot time

after you book we will review your goals and shot list. shoots may require the styling pro service to be executed successfully.

does soona offer shoots with models?

soona offers full body models + hand models + pet models that you can add to your booking with a click. learn more about soona’s models here.

after you book we’ll reach out to get your preferences for your model.

after you receive my product how long until we can shoot?

we aim to schedule your shoot at the next available time within 1 week of receiving your product. this time can vary.

shoots with models or pro services require additional coordination that might extend the time to schedule your shoot.

how does shipping and return shipping work?

soona provides your first USPS label free! download a label or create your own from your booking details page (look for the help me ship! button).

return shipping: in the last step of booking you’ll share your preference for what to do with your product post-shoot:

  • store: soona’s fast pass program stores your product and props until your next shoot. $39 per month.
  • return: we’ll send it right back. we’ll charge your default payment method for the cost of the label and a $20 return handling fee.
  • discard: we’ll safely discard your product in a way that protects your brand.
what editing is included in the $39 photo cost? what are the $9 editing add-ons?

photos appear in your gallery as raw files. each purchased photo includes standard editing to brighten + crop + make your photo ready to post. before and after of standard editing:

photos are delivered in 2 versions: a full-resolution JPEG and a web-ready JPEG. we also offer editing add-ons a la carte for $9 per add-on:

  • change background color or pure white
  • product touch-up (such as removing barcodes or scratches)
  • transparent background PNG export
  • add-on the raw uncompressed file
  • smooth skin
  • create pattern using your product
  • photoshop it

add-ons must be selected on each photo. need mutiple add-ons on one photo? be sure to check each box!

I need a quote. how does pricing work?

at soona you only book what you need. and buy what you love.

booking downpayment
you pay for your first $39 photo or $93 video clip at booking. you may choose to add pro services such as a model or styling. pro service pricing is based on the amount of content you need. learn more here!

soona also offers recommended shoots which are prepaid and meet ecomm + social best practices. review those here!

shopping content a la carte
everything in your gallery is shoppable and includes standard editing! $39 per photo. $93 per video clip or animated GIF. we offer editing add-ons for $9 each. soona does not offer refunds.

I’m not sure what to book! can soona recommend a booking?

here to help! we offer 2 types of shoots:

select “build your own” to choose customized details of your shoot and pay a la carte. need help? contact us at with more details about your product and goals. we’ll review and send a booking recommendation!

launching a product or need fresh social content? select a pack! these are prepaid (yay for a discount!) and created with ecomm and social best practices. learn more here.

what is soona? how do I get started?

soona is a self-serve fast casual content platform and home of the virtual shoot. our mission is to provide quality content for all.

clients love using soona to create for ecomm stores + social media content.

  1. book and share your content goals
  2. ship your goods
  3. join virtually from the gallery page on your dashboard
  4. collab and give real-time feedback
  5. shop your content a la carte + get edits in 24 hours

we can’t WAIT to create together. book here to get started. learn more via soona’s interactive discovery shoot.