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soona’s CEO has key tips to grow your biz in 2021:point_down:

kick your content up a notch with soona’s pro services.

add a model. hand model. pet model. styling. prop shopping. and hair & makeup artist to your photoshoot during booking & we’ll coordinate the rest.

what’s new at soona?

we’ve been hard at work at making the soona experience an unforgettable one! here’s the amazing things we’ve launched lately:


🎬 soona trend sets. the future of creative direction is here. we’re offering beautifully designed sets you can pick for your shoots that will make your product shine & will help your brand stand out from the crowd. see our new soona trend set here.

💁‍♀️ pro services. we now offer the ability to book full body models. hand models. pet models. styling. prop shopping. and hair & makeup professionals to make your content 10/10. learn more here.

🌈 headshots for all. we believe in the power of a great first photographic impression. we’re giving any and all humans one free headshot. forever. learn more here.

🗃️ custom albums. now you can organize your photos any way you want within your soona dashboard.

🌶️ ATX studio. we added a new studio to the soona family in Austin!

❤️ staff picks.  we’ve added a new feature within your dashboard that shows you the content your crew LOVED from your shoot together! this shows up in your gallery during the shoot and in a separate album.

🎞️ GIF previews. easily see what a GIF will look like before you buy it with our new GIF preview tool! all you have to do is select a handful of images from your shoot and watch the magic happen!

we know. we know. it’s inspiring how much we work on making ourselves better. it’s the best non-committal relationship you’ve ever had. we promise.

🌟 what’s trending 🌟

our creative team designed fresh takes on product-on-white images & video clips that’ll give you heart eyes. 😍

🛍 calling all Shopify store owners! 🛍

we created a coolkit just for you.

are you launching a new product? or need to refresh an existing product listing? you gotta see this toolkit. we gathered Shopify’s recommendations and our best practices all in one place. this is your first step to get clicks to cart to cash.