soona is hiring a studio pro in denver

about soona:

soona is on a mission to make professional, custom photography and videography available to brands everywhere.

to do this, we are launching same day photo and video studios in Denver & Minneapolis. the team at soona is building something radical within the social media content industry, using a platform that brings together computer vision and machine learning technology to make 24 hour professional content possible.

this is an exciting opportunity to join a business at its earliest stages to realize this vision.  

about the studio pro role:

an expert executor of quality content, the soona studio pro is the master of the soona process.

our soona spaces are where beautiful things get made, sometimes for multiple customers at once.

the studio pro must be aware of when and how the studio is being used and be able to help juggle multiple customers and projects simultaneously. On top of being organized, the soona studio pro needs to have expert understanding of video production, photography, lighting, and set design.

a commanding people-person, the studio pro ensures everybody is prepared for their jobs in the studio. The studio pro is the heart and the brains - they keep everything running smoothly and quickly, all while making everyone smile.

an ideal candidate:

  • Customer service and leadership skills

  • Highly developed project management and organizational skills, always prepared and knowledgeable of what’s coming up next

  • Inventiveness and adaptability - highly capable of juggling many things at once

  • Resourcefulness, save and reuse as much as possible especially when it comes to props and set design elements

  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills that inspire an atmosphere of cooperation

  • Decisive, able to set up the studio for a shoot with little to no direction, can translate customer inputs into a feasible studio set-up

  • Quick thinking ability to change direction quickly

  • Interior design savvy, understands what makes a space look appealing to viewers and visitors and applies this in setting up studio space

  • Highly developed understanding in studio lighting techniques

  • Managerial skills necessary to direct a variety of people inside of the studio, encourage the team to keep things tidy, organized, and in their respective places

  • Passionate about growing soona as a business and maintaining company culture

  • Up to date on the latest in the technical aspect of studio set design

  • Interest and curiosity in trends in video production, photography, social media, marketing, and content strategy

  • Works carefully and meticulously, takes pride in a job well done

  • Has a killer Instagram account!

has experience in:

  • 5 to 7 years direct client experience

  • 7+ years of professional photography or videography experience

  • 3+ years of people management

we can offer:

  • $55k - $65k starting salary

  • benefits + pto + killer culture

  • really badass headshots

candidates should:

  • send your resume and work samples to with “studio pro denver application” in the subject link

  • include a link to your instagram account in your email

  • include a link to favorite instagram account