soona set: ecomm

our creative crew has carefully designed 6 beautiful soona trend ecomm sets that will take your content 👏to 👏 the 👏 next 👏 level.👏 pick as many scenes as you want & get an entire new ecomm library in one photoshoot. these sets are specifically designed with getting more clicks in mind. 
$39 per photo. $93 per video clip.

crystal clear 

scene of your product on a white background styled with gleaming crystal props. we’ll use light to create beautiful reflections to make your product radiate.

mirror mirror

scene of your product on a white backdrop styled with unique-shaped mirrors. we’ll take interesting angles that show your product from a different perspective.


scene of your product against a cream-colored background styled with natural props and stacked rocks.

chalk talk

scene of your product on a white backdrop styled with chalk props. we’ll shoot several angles with our various types of round. geometric. and rough-edge chalk.


scene of your product in the center of a grid world! we’ll capture the product on a seamless black and white grid background with hard shadows.


straight-on scene of your product on a flat surface with complementary-color arches against a white wall.
color options include: nude. golden. grey. mauve. blue. sage green. we’ll recommend an option that will make your product shine during your live shoot.

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