soona + simplified superfoods

a product launch photoshoot: from the couch 🛋️


Simplified Superfoods is nutrition without the nuisance: blender ready superfood smoothie mixes 🌱

check out how soona got Simplified Superfoods their launch content via a virtual shoot. 👇



Simplified Superfoods needed eye-catching content for a new product launch.

the time and costs of coordinating a shoot and renting a local studio weren’t an option.



Jamie from Simplified Superfoods shipped her product to soona and joined her virtual shoot from home.

she had the “time of her life” with the interactive experience and watching her content appear live. 🙌

she used the soona chat to talk to her soona crew and give feedback that was incorporated in real time.



Simplified Superfoods was able to shoot fresh content with soona, saving time and the costs of coordinating their own shoot.

the launch photos and videos were pushed through social media and email newsletters which received an amazing response from her community.

“soona is a game changer, especially for digitally native brands who are looking to amp up their social media/branding/marketing without the expense of renting a studio and/or paying an agency. They will 100% be my go to for product launch pics/social ads. Can’t sing their praises enough!”


hear it from Jamie herself!

we were so excited to see that Jamie posted AMAZING Instagram Stories during her virtual shoot.

check out how much fun she had watching her ideas come to life from her couch.

👏 👏 👏

a fav quote:

“you guys, I’m so obsessed with this soona thing. It’s so fun to watch this live photoshoot from my couch!”