soona Announces “soona Anytime” and $1.2M Series Seed Raise

The new digital first product will allow soona to reach a national audience with their 24-hour photo and video concept.

DENVER, May 14, 2019 -- soona, a Denver-based fast casual content studio, has closed a $1.2M Series Seed round led by 2048 Ventures. The Techstars Boulder company is proud to have a diverse set of co-investors in this oversubscribed round, including Matchstick Ventures, Techstars Ventures, Lavawalk Ventures and the Mergelane Fund.

soona will use the capital to accelerate the growth of their Camera-2-Cloud software platform, support their first two retail studios in Denver and Minneapolis and launch a new digital-first product, called soona Anytime.

“This is an important step toward our vision of making pro-level photo and video as easy to buy as your business cards,” said Co-Founder and CEO Elizabeth Giorgi. “Beautiful photo and video is simply a necessity for today’s marketing landscape. We look forward to the day when brands across the globe can banish stock content from their social media planning and instead say: we’re going to soona.”

soona is a same-day photo and video studio that provides brands of any size the ability to create professional-quality photo and video with everything they need in their studio locations. Each location has a dedicated crew, high-end equipment and even props. Customers receive their content within 24 hours for as low as $39 per photo or $99 per video clip. Power content creators can sign up for a membership for $453 per month which offers a host of perks.

Denver’s retail studio opened on April 8th and has enjoyed early customer traction. Minneapolis will open in Northeast on East Hennepin on May 20th.

“soona’s offering - affordable, high quality, 24-hour video and photo concept is a breath of fresh air in the market flooded with overpriced and low quality solutions,” said Alex Iskold, 2048’s managing partner. “soona’s locations are a perfect mix of creative experience, and unique technology that, when blended together, make the magic. Video is the future of branded content, and soona has a massive vision to democratize high quality video, and in the process re-invent what brands can achieve with video. 2048 Ventures is thrilled to be the earliest investor and to back Liz, Hayley and the soona team on this journey.”

While the in-studio experience continues to grow, the team at soona is excited to be able to use these early funds to serve a national audience with soona Anytime, a virtual version of their service. The soona Anytime app will allow a brand to mail in their product and have photo and video delivered and ready to download within 24 hours. Interested customers can join the waitlist at

“This round allows us to invest in the foundational pieces of the businesses that have driven our early success,” said Co-Founder and CCO Hayley Anderson. “Our customers love the physical experience of walking on set, the playful aspects of our in-studio design and the stunning photo and video that we deliver. With the help of these thoughtful investors, we will build on these key themes and expand our reach.”

Only 2% of venture backed companies this year will be female-founded. The founding team at soona was also incredibly proud to include a “Candor Clause” in their fundraising documents, which aims to create radical conversations between founders and investors about equality and inclusion. The team at soona, and their legal partners, KO Law Firm in Denver, Colo., have agreed to make the clause open-source so other founders may be able to use it in their fundraising documents. The clause may be downloaded at

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