soona production sidekick


with a passion for production, the soona sidekick is the liaison between the soona studio crew and the soona customer.

the soona sidekick runs the virtual shoot experience and acts as the glue that holds a shoot together via soona’s built-in chat or phone/video conference. on top of being a skilled verbal and written communicator, the studio sidekick must also be highly organized, have a passion for content creation and is a natural troubleshooter. 

soona makes it possible for all brands to create professional photo and video. we make it EASY. we make it affordable. $39 photos. $93 video clips. and we make it fun. 😎

we give our clients a content creation playground. our tech makes it possible for anyone to experience a live photoshoot in real time. we are creating a fast casual content revolution!

we can offer

  • strong starting salary: $40,000 – $45,000 DOE
  • benefits + pto + killer culture
  • really badass headshots
  • a fitness and streaming benefit!


  • candidates can apply here.
  • share their favorite instagram feed in their cover letter


  • communicate with customers efficiently and effectively throughout the customer journey (before, during and after they’re a client)

  • collaborate with soona clients remotely with access to reliable internet connection

  • troubleshoot production challenges

  • translate client feedback into actionable suggestions

  • juggle various projects at once

  • resolve problems by clarifying the issue and explaining the best solution

  • educate and upsell clients

  • collaborate with the studio team

has experience in:

  • customer service

  • verbal and written communication

  • photography and video production (bonus)