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soona + NOELLE Cosmetics

want to sell out your website? soona can help.


NOELLE Cosmetics upgraded their content game with just two soona shoots. founder Jerhonda Pace went from making skincare in her kitchen to building a rising empire. here’s how great content helped her launch. 


NOELLE Cosmetics came to their first photoshoot with little to no expectations. they just needed a few photos to update their website and Instagram.

they had no creative direction or inspiration – they were just hoping to like at least one of the shots.


when the soona crew heard NOELLE Cosmetics’ plea for creative help: we jumped right in.

by checking out the website and current social media accounts: we were able to quickly ideate on some photo styles that could work. 


NOELLE Cosmetics’ website completely sold. out. after posting the photos they got from soona on their Instagram page. the soona crew even recommended the full body model from our model marketplace who has now become the face of NOELLE Cosmetics.

“soona is an amazing company. I actually discovered what I liked, and how I wanted my brand to unfold by using soona! I came into my first photoshoot not knowing what I wanted, and they gave my brand it’s footprint. it was incredible, soona branded NOELLE Cosmetics!