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soona + JWLgang

a lot of inventory. no problem.


JWLGang is a manufacturer and online store that allows customers to purchase trend-forward personalized silver jewelry at a fair price. 

see how soona helped JWLGang build upon a foundation of affordable. applicable. and duplicatable assets to help find their growing brand voice.


JWLGang contacted soona in late January of 2021 looking for a rebrand.

specifically: they were seeking a service that could scale their content needs while maintaining a look and feel that was elevated and repeatable due to their large inventory.


in a few months: JWLGang completed three shoots & captured both photographs and video clips of models wearing JWLGang necklaces + rings + bracelets.  JWLGang has spent this time refining their needs to ensure quality brand forward assets. 

they haved been able to produce and test assets to gauge what sells & keep pace with client needs and content needs simultaneously despite the large inventory.


JWLGang’s Herringbone Chain Necklace was shot on two different models & they saw about a 23% click rate increase when testing the images from shoot one and shoot two.  

soona’s fast turnaround, and approachable pro service prices gave JWLgang the ability to run meaningful tests.

“we have our in-house graphic designer and photographer but with the amount of orders we are receiving, they were not able to produce pictures of new products in a timely manner. due to the fact that jewelry trends constantly change, we needed to outsource to find a company that can take care of this issue for us. “