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with next-day professional photo & video starting at $39

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content that works without the scary price tag.

soona crews are made up of professional photographers and videographers with years of experience - from big budget sets to newsrooms - they have the skills and the tools to help elevate your brand to the next level.


pro photo and video for all.

at soona, you can create beautiful photo and video for your brand in no time at all. simply book an appointment online, bring your product, people and passion to our studio and our crew will capture your content.

the best part, we deliver it within 24 hours.


sayonara stock

your brand deserves better than cheap stock. upgrade your social with fresh photo and video.



  • eCommerce photos

  • flatlay images

  • lifestyle photos

  • how-to photos

  • product collections

  • modeled photos

  • brand shots

  • headshots and team photos

  • family photos



  • eCommerce 360 videos

  • how-to explainers

  • testimonials

  • case studies

  • stop motion

  • vlogs

  • green screen


the most chillax email list ever

cat videos, creative content ideas and occasional coups.
whatever the opposite of boring marketing emails is - that’s what we send.

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