holiday pack scenes

our creative crew has carefully designed 12 amazing holiday scenes based on our holiday trend predictions! 1 photoshoot = an entire holiday season’s worth of content!
plus each scene includes the gift of free styling. 🎁

spruce it up🌲

your product placed on a subtle marble or solid white background surrounded by snowy pine props with bright + natural lighting. crisp + magical.


it’s a pink party! step out of the traditional holiday scene with a sparkly pink backdrop and pretty-in-pink ribbon with bright light and hard shadows. sparkly + charming.

let it snow❄️

your product is perfectly placed on textured white snow surrounded by pine props with soft shadows. snowy + enchanting. 

wrap party🎁

ain’t no party like a wrap party! your product is placed on a white backdrop surrounded by gift-wrapping props with soft shadows. 

silent lights✨

your product is front and center on a wood tabletop with sparkly & slightly blurry lights in the background. subtle sparkles. 

ribbon tree 🎀

a silky ribbon is carefully styled in the shape of a tree on top of a white or colorful background with your product placed on top or nestled within the tree. 

white winter dreams 🌨️

your product is set on a solid white backdrop surrounded by ornaments and snowflakes. a winter daydream.

cozy feels ☕

your product is cozied up with comfy props + a mug of coffee. all the neutral cozy feels.

gift goals 🎁

your product is placed on a solid colorful backdrop with beautifully wrapped gift boxes. tie it with a bow. 

all that glitters is gold 🌟

your product is placed against a gold backdrop and is styled with gold holiday ribbon and blocks. shiny + gilded.

chanukkah 🕎

your product on a bright blue background surrounded by the cues of the festival of lights. Hanukkah Sameach!

and a happy new year 🎊

your product placed on a white backdrop with all the glitz + glamour of ringing in a new year.


how many scenes can i choose?

only need 2 scenes? great! obsessed with all 12? we like your style! you can pick as many or as few as you’d like.  

How do I know what scenes to choose?

we have 12 scenes for you to choose from. each scenes has a different feel with unique ways to show off your product. we recommend picking the scenes that fit your brand style best!

can i add a model or other pro service to this shoot?

our holiday scenes come with free styling! 🎁 

create a standard booking at if you’d like to utilize any of our other pro services for your holiday content.

can i change elements or background colors of the holiday scenes?

each scene has been carefully designed by our extremely talented crew! if you’d like to see different backdrops or props with your products then please book a standard shoot at and we’ll capture your holiday vision.