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holiday trend sets

our creative crew has carefully designed 10 amazing holiday scenes based on our holiday trend predictions! 1 photoshoot = an entire holiday season’s worth of content!
plus each scene includes the gift of free styling. 🎁

let it snow ❄️

your product in a bed of bright white fluffy snow. make today a snow day! 

tree farm 🌲

your product surrounded by little green trees to spruce up your shoot.

unwrapped 🎁

ain’t no party like an unboxing party! your product placed on a red backdrop surrounded by gift-wrapping props.

mini snowglobe 🛷

was that santa?! your product in a mini winter adventure scene.

stocking stuffer 🧦

don’t forget to check the mantle! your product peeking out of a holiday stocking. 

tiny hats 🎅

looks like Santa and his elves left something behind. your product adorned with tiny little holiday hats.

present peeking 👀

your product set on a shiny metallic background + framed with glittery gift wrap.

lunar new year 🧧

your product surrounded by celebratory red blossoms.


your product placed on a solid baby blue backdrop + surrounded by holiday decor.

and a happy new year 🌟

your product placed against a shimmery backdrop and styled with gold holiday bulbs and ribbons.