where do I ship?

after you book: your shipping address and unique reference # can be found on your booking details page. for more shipping questions see our full FAQs here.

what do I need to do?

after you book and ship your products: you'll receive an email with your 30-minute shoot date and time. we ask that you attend your virtual shoot from your dashboard so you can give real-time feedback.

what is the try soona pack?

this pack is the perfect way for new clients to try soona for FREE! this 30-minute shoot includes soona shooting your products against a white backdrop.

after you book and ship your products: we'll schedule your shoot (on average shoots are scheduled within 5-10 business days after products have arrive). your photographer will fill a virtual gallery with ecomm photos of your products. order the 5 you want for free. get edited photos in 24 hours! all other images in your gallery are available to shop for $39 + editing.

looking for a custom shoot where you can pick more backdrops and props? book here!