is product assembly included in styling?

stylists can unpack and spruce up your assembled products for shoot readiness. products or props that arrive in unassembled pieces will require our $79+ non-furniture assembly or $149+ furniture assembly service.

can a stylist source special props or groceries for my shoot?

soona offers FREE props in-studio for your shoots that you can view here. not seeing the props you want? ship us your own!

if you're looking for fresh foods + beverages or ingredients for your shoot our stylists can source the items at local stores with our grocery shopping service for $149 + cost of goods.

what does fashion styling include?

our fashion stylists can:

  • steaming up to 5 items per hour booked
  • pin + fit apparel on models
  • create garment + accessory flatlays

steaming for large quantities of items will require adding our steaming service. if you're looking to include a mannequin in your shoot you can book our ghost mannequin service starting at $249 for seamless floating shots of your apparel.

what does fresh ingredient styling include?

our fresh ingredient stylists can cut and assemble pre-cooked food + ingredients that you ship to our studio. our kitchens are prop kitchens therefore stylists are unable to cook or bake in-studio. if you want cooked or baked meals please use a food delivery service to deliver the meals to our studio the day of your shoot.

can I talk with my stylist before a shoot?

you can communicate live with stylists during shoot kick-off calls at the start of a shoot and using the chat feature during the shoot. please provide clear shot lists and shoot goals before your shoot so our stylists can review and execute on your expectations.

if you're looking to talk to a soona team member before a shoot for production and shot list support you can use our producer service starting at $999.

are stylists creative directors?

during your shoot our stylists efficiently recreate the shot list and shoot goals you provide. our stylists follow your creative direction to setup scenes and capture your vision. stylists add an extra set of hands to your shoot + helps bring your vision to life. stylists do not define your brand's creative vision or managing your creative project. you must provide a shot list and shoot goals before your shoot for our stylists to review and follow.

what's the price of a stylist?

the price of a stylist ranges from $249-$499.

$249 = 1 - 5 price (1 hour)        
$299 = 5 - 10 price (2 hours)
$349 = 10 - 15 price (3 hours)
$499 = 15 - 25 price (4 hours)        
$499 = video (4 hours)