can a stylist swatch my product?

yes! stylists can create texture swatches of your beauty or art products on acrylic surfaces or models (requires a model pro service).

can a stylist source special props or groceries for my shoot?

soona offers select FREE props for your shoots. if the prop you're requesting is not on our list - please plan to send us the prop(s) with your product.

if you're looking for food or beverages in your content: add on grocery shopping + your stylist will shop fresh items from local stores before your shoot starts.

are stylists creative directors?

during your shoot our stylists efficiently execute the shot list and shoot goals you provide. the stylist follows your creative direction to capture your vision and ensure each shot is high-quality.

defining your brand's creative vision. creative direction. building your shot list. or managing your creative project are out of the scope of our styling service. you must provide a shot list and shoot goals before your shoot for our stylists to review and follow.

can I talk to my stylist before a shoot?

you can communicate live with stylists during the shoot on the kickoff call and live chat. please provide clear shot lists and shoot goals before your shoot so your stylist can review and execute your expectations.

if you'd like to discuss your goals and have support building your shot list: add the producer pro service.

what is a soona stylist?

a soona stylist brings your vision to life by serving as an extra pair of skilled hands and creative eyes during your shoot. they efficiently execute your shot list as quickly as possible resulting in eye-grabbing imagery that truly allows your product to shine and meets your brand goals.

how do I know I need a stylist?

stylists are essential for shoots with complex shot lists and stylized inspiration images. the photographer focuses on capturing high-quality images. the stylist artfully sets up scenes and adjusts your product and props to achieve your vision.

soona requires styling for the following shoot types:

  • 5+ items styled in a single shot
  • swatches to highlight texture or color
  • food or ingredients styled with your product
  • pinned and adjusted clothing and accessories
  • bedroom scenes + other decorated lifestyle setups
  • to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

still not sure? email us at with your vision or inspiration images and we’ll make a recommendation. after you book and we review your goals: we may require styling if we believe it’s essential to reaching your content goals.