how does editing work?

Start by filling out this form to let us know your editing needs. A crew member will confirm editing scope + cost. After that, receive your edits in 24-48 hours!

how do we choose/select background music for my video?

We license our background music through Please browse this platform and let us know the song or soundtrack title and artist once you have made your selection.

Can we request a revision after receiving the content/edits? Will it incur an additional charge?

soona offers re-edits for all your edited content. You can submit a re-edit request by selecting the photo you’d like us to re-edit, click the “request re-edit” button and then write in the text box what you would like us to re-edit. The additional charge depends on the revisions you wish to create. Here’s more information about our premium photo edits.

When will we receive the edits?

We aim to deliver edited content within 24 hours upon receiving your photo or video order. For infographics, the delivery time is within 48 hours.