what is A+ content?

any brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry can now upgrade their product details page to include A+ content - formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content. this rich set of tools can improve sales by 5.6% as it allows you to supercharge your appearance in Amazon search and improve the overall conversion rate of each product details page on Amazon. 

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what’s included?

inside this pack you’ll receive 10 images based on Amazon A+ Content best practices. this includes 4 images of your product on a pure white backdrop and 6 images of your product in our lifestyle settings. add your brand elements. play with props. the best part? work with our creative crew to create 2 video assets to show how your product works. utilize your included full-body model to bring your product to life. the Amazon A+ Content premium pack gives you both best practice recommendations. elevated assets. versatility. guaranteed content to convert by taking advantage of the A/B testing features available on the Amazon platform.