how much experience do your models have?

we pride ourselves on bringing everyday people local to our studios into our model directory. this allows us to celebrate diversity. accessibility & inclusivity. we offer a wide range of relatable models who have different levels of experience in production. all soona models undergo a test shoot and all operate under the same soona standards and expectations.

what if I don't need a model for the entire shoot?

we suggest you make a booking dedicated to just model shots. this may mean you create two bookings - one for model photos and another for non-model photos. for example: if you need 16 photos with no model and 12 photos with a hand model - we suggest you book one hand model shoot in the 10-15 photo range. and book another shoot without a model in the 16-25 photo range. if you have special shoot needs or need help with booking reach out to for suggestions!

do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is mandatory for all shoots with models. this is to ensure that you can give live feedback to the model(s) and we can capture your content just the way you need it.

what's the process of booking and scheduling a model?

1. create a booking on
2. select the number of images you are looking to purchase
3. select your models and any upgrades
4. pay the model booking fee and book your shoot
5. select your top model preferences + model details in your created booking's pro services tab
6. sit back and relax as we book your most preferred available model
7. join your shoot + watch the magic happen!

where can I browse the models that soona offers?

log into your soona account to preview our model directory at you will be able to select your top choice models for your shoot after you book.

how do soona prices compare to a modeling agency?

prices at modeling agencies can be variable and booking fees can differ from model to model. there are also usage + renewal fees to use the content after the shoot and there may be extra fees added due to contract negotiations.

at soona you pay a one-time fee that is the same for every soona model. and that’s it! there are no usage or renewal fees - so you never have to worry about where or when you can use your content!