how do I remove background with iPhone?

  1. open the image.
  2. tap and hold the subject. 
  3. An outline will appear around the subject. continue holding down the subject. 
  4. tap copy.
  5. paste the subject into an email, text message, or note.

how can I download my images from the Media Editor tool?

the AI edits you create can be found in your reservation gallery under “my edits” or in your edits album.

can I edit multiple images at once with the Media Editor tool?

you can edit one image at a time. but we are constantly working to improve our tools. to stay in the know about our latest updates be sure to join the list.

is the Media Editor tool user-friendly for beginners or does it require advanced editing skills?

the Media Editor tool was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. you do not need advanced editing skills to use it effectively. it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users alike.

can I use Media Editor on mobile devices or is it desktop only?

access soona's Media Editor tools anywhere! desktop and mobile support is now available for background color, remove Background, and blur Background functionalities.

what file formats are supported by the Media Editor tool?

.jpg and .png are all supported by the Media Editor tool.

how can I change the background color?

  1. select an image to edit from the main gallery or from a booking gallery
  2. select “change background color” from the left sidebar navigation
  3. click “change background color”
  4. enter a HEX code. adjust hue / tint.  alter lightness and saturation. reset adjustments. 
  5. click “save” and download your image

how do I remove background from image?

  1. select your image
  2. upload your image to the soona Media Editor
  3. watch the magic
  4. download your edited image
  5. publish your image

how do I become preferred if I want access to Media Editor?

you can become a part of preferred by logging into your soona account. click on the purchase credits link in the left navigation. payments can be made directly with a credit card. your photo & video credits are available immediately. the new AI tools will also unlock immediately upon purchase.

is the Media Editor tool free?

you can currently access the media editor if you are a part of the preferred program or purchase preferred credits.

where is media editor available?

media editor is currently in beta. it’s available on purchased images and for customers enrolled in soona preferred only. click on any purchased image to try it! you can also preview the media editor on unpurchased images. coming soon… media editor for GIFs and video. we know. we can’t wait either!

what is the difference between AI edits and premium edits?

premium edits are completed by the soona post-production crew. AI edits are completed by you through our media editor tool!