can I compare my listing to a competitor’s listing?

we do not support the scoring or evaluation of competitor listings but are actively working on a feature to empower competitive analysis. 

will you support other e-commerce platforms (i.e. Shopify, Etsy, etc.)?

Listing Insights only supports Amazon at the moment but we are actively working to connect to other ecommerce platforms. for updates make sure to sign up for our waitlist.

is this score connected to my sales performance?

soona does not factor your sales into our scoring system. it is purely an evaluation of the visual content.

is this score created by Amazon?

no. soona developed this scoring system based on Amazon’s platform requirements. industry best-practices. and our expertise in content creation.

how does the scoring work?

when you connect soona to an Amazon seller account - Listing Insights automatically scans and analyzes the images in each listing. using the power of AI we can help you identify problems and opportunities to improve each listing.

what is a visual performance score?

visual performance is an overall measure of how well your listing’s images match Amazon’s best practices and guidelines. this score breaks down into 3 parts: 

  1. image quality: do your image files meet the standard for technical and production quality?
  2. gallery count: does your gallery or carousel have Amazon’s recommended image count of at least 6 images?
  3. visual mix: does your listing use an optimal variety of content types?